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  1. After Tasek Bera ride in January, the group decided to spend a night at a beach resort near Kuala Linggi as February's event. This time we will cycle through more urban roads along the coast. But upon checking the GPS, this will be a relatively easy trip as the terrains are relatively flat all the way. It will be an easy 60 km of fun cycling. This time my wife wants to find out what cycle touring is all about, and so signed up too for this trip. is an avid motorcycle tourer and she has been traveling to places too on her bike, kawasaki er6.

    She has a bicycle , you know the cheaper MTB for light evening cycle around the park, and it took me quite a while building the bicycle to become a reliable touring bike. The first thing that has to go was the gearing system. I had this changed to an 8-speed with shimano acera derailers and shifters. The cheap wheelsets were later replaced with a double wall type and slicker narrower tyres fitted on. Then a rear rack was fixed , for her panniers and finally I installed a pair of fenders to keep off dirt and water spray just in case it rains. A rear view mirror was also added as a safety checklist.

    Come the day we are all ready to go. We will start our cycle trip from Melaka. There were 5 of us, and we will joined by 9 other cyclist from Kuala Lumpur at the destination. If you googled Kuala Linggi, you will see that it is a little village near the Linggi river mouth, just perfect for a lazy quiet nite for a weekend.

    The 3 boys. Photographed just after leaving the busy city of Melaka. We travelled westward after Melaka to ride the quieter coastal road. The weather was good, a bit too sunny, nevertheless we made good progress on this road.

    The, taken at a Petronas Gas Refinery . Location is at Pantai Kundur, approximate 12 kilomters north-west of Melaka. A bright coloured t-shirt proved to be a very safe way of dressing up for a tour cyclist on the road, it makes you more visible. By now the boys are no longer visible upfront, but that dont worry us as we have made arrangements for stops every 15 or 20 kilomters down the road.
  2. k5.
    At the front gate of the Refinery. Petronas is the largest fuel/oil associated company in Malaysia. They produce many by products of oils and have refineries in many states of Malaysia, the largest being in Terengganu.

    Heading North, we passed through a little town of Sungai Udang. There is a big army garrison here at Sungai Udang. Photo was taken between Sg Udang and Pengkalan Balak. Even though the shoulders are not wide enough, yet it is still a safe road to travel as there are very few vehicles using this road.
  3. k7.
    Cheng and at junction to Kuala Sungai Baru and Tanjong Bidara. Here we stop for a few minutes break, to regroup. Tg Bidara is another popular beach, and there are a few bungalows/resort located. We will take the right turn towards Kuala Sungai Baru.

    Cyling ahead we came to this nice little beach. We just had to stop for a break and enjoy the view. It was a refreshing one indeed.

    Cycling onwards we came across this interesting rows of Malaysian flags, I thought it would make a good photography taking picture of with the flags dancing in the wind at as a backdrop.
  4. After Kuala Sungai Baru, it was approximately 15 kilometers before we reached our desitination. By then it was 2.oo in the afternoon. .we were hot, sweaty and hungry too. Its been 5 hours since we left Melaka that morning, and when we reach the village Of Kuala Linggi, the first thing that we look for is a restaurant. We did not go straight to the resort that we have booked earlier, as there is no cafe or restaurant there. Unlike Thailand where most bungalows and small resorts have thier own cafe or restaurant, its a bit different here in Malaysa. Meals are usually prebooked and we hadnt made a booking prior.

    End of the road at Kuala Linggi. on the river mouth. Too bad this restaurant was closed. Its opened only un the evening, but we were told by a local boy that there is place to eat at a yellow complex nearby. Yellow complex? ,.. now what could that be?

    Yup, me psoing, and this is the yellow complex. Its actually a fishery department complex,fenced all around and have security guards at the gate, and there is a jetty where fishings boats from Indonesia comes in. As Indonesia has more catches than us, thus we import fish from them. And yes, there is a cafe, just liek what we ve ben told, and actually its for the staff working here.

    we had late lunch here, nothing special.
  5. Soon after lunch I went around to check whats in store at this yellow complexs, only to be stoppedand ask by a staff why i m taking pictures as this place is a security area and one must need permission to do it.

    Yes, this yellow complex is quite large for Kuala Linggi's standard.

    some boats parked at the jetty terminals.

    Loading crates of fish onto a lorry.

    Some mines, unplugged and left on shore?
  6. An interesting read.
    Swiss friends of mine (ref who've been staying left this morning from Chiang Mai heading south. They have been bicycling around the world non-stop since 2004 & have cycled just under 60,000kls to date. They've been through much of Asia, Russia, China, Mongolia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, etc, even Japan & Libya (Iran too) in terms of current events. In 7 years they have yet to be in a country where English is the mother tongue!
    Get in contact with them if you like via their web-site; great people.
  7. Hi Rod,
    Thanks for letting me know. 7 years on the road? wow, thats a pretty long time.
    Yes i will send them an email, and will make arrangements to meet when they pass through my location. Will be happy to meet another cycling friends, just as any other motorcycling guests from coming my way.

  8. Continuation.

    After lunch and a brief tour of the the yellow complex we headed on towards the beach bungalow which we have booked a week before. Its just 2.5 kilometers away and we cycled off in the heat of midday. Its called KM Chalets. Funny name, KM probably its an abbreviation to the owners name, which I didn't ask anyway. The owner is a retired army officer, and he has 40 over rooms at this resort. Quite a number of rooms I would say, but too bad he dont have a cafe/ restaurant situated on site, or else it will make a terrific getaway for most.

    Cycling towards KM chalet, we were taken through small lanes amongst great looking houses. The location being in a rural district makes this place looking cool, and we were looking forward for an idylic stay for the weekend.

    Finally, KM Chalet. Just I had expected, wooden houses , village look and a view of the open sea. It was just great.

    k21. posing on the varendah. Bicycles on the foreground. The varendah is a great place to sit and unwind, gazing at the sea and talk of good things. We simply love it. The price was rm60, which is equivalent to 600 bahts. No airconditioner,.. but who needs aircon for a place like this anyway. The breeze from the sea will take care of the heat. Unlike Thailand, accomodations are a bit more expensive here in Malaysia. I ve been to thailand more then places in Malaysia, and thais have cheaper and better rooms. Tourism in thailand is a number 1 money generated industry and the competition is very stiff. We still have a lot to learn from thailand to be a success luring tourists.
  9. Later in the evening, we took our bicycles for a short tour around the village. We had also heard or a fort nearby, built by the Dutch and Bugis. This would make an interesting historical tour for the evening. If you google BUGIS, you will learn that these are warriors from South Celebes. The Bugis are seasoned seafaring warriors, and they have come to the Malay peninsula a long time ago, before the Dutch or even the Portugues. They are great ship builders too, and the famous ones are called Pinisi , multi sails similar to the europeans schooners with a long and pointed forward mast upfront.

    cycling around the village later in the afternoon. Notice there are few other homestays/bungalows here. The lanes are small in this peaceful village.

    Entrance to the old Fort built by the Dutch and Bugis as a truce event. Fort Supai. Sadly there are few uncompleted bungalows built on this historical site.

    An information board set up by the Muzeum Department. A fort that was built by both Dutch and Bugis as a truce of peace after the war ended.
  10. From on top of this little hill, we saw gorgeous views of the Straights of Melaka and the Linggi rivermouth too. Little boats are seen coming into the river from the sea. One can imagine to see long ago sailboats of the Dutch or Bugis Pinisi sailing on this strecth of water.

    From the hill top, we saw the restaurant that we had came to when we reached Kuala Linggi. Earlier on in the afternoon, we came to this restaurant using the main road, and it was closed. Little that we know there is another way of going here,.. through the high steps from the Fort. Interesting.

    The beuaty of travelling on bicycles. If it can be taken uphill, it sure can take you down the steps. The big strong heros carry their bicycles.

    The less strong guys, pushed theirs.
  11. The restaurant is a great place to dine. Its on water and its high tide too when we came that evening. It served mostly seafood, fresh fish from the sea. A great variety too. You are to pick the fish of your choice and have it done the way you eant it to be.

    A great place to dine, the weather was good, the sea was peaceful and the breeze was just perfect. It all add down to a great evening for all of us.

    The cyclists, waiting for the food to be served.

    The menu. Almost all were from the sea. Squids deep fried with spiced flour and 3-taste Barramundi. If you ever come to Malaysia, try this deep fried barramundi cooked in malaysian style, ask for Siakap masak 3 rasa. (Barramundi cooked in 3-taste) you will love it.

    Dine till the sun sets in, the fish taste better as the sun sets in. hehe ;D
  12. k28.

    Hi Acid, are these the Bugis - the seasoned seafaring warriors ? hehe.

  13. hey hey hey Gary! This is a pleasant surprise, meeting you here at gt-rider wbsite.
    Seafaring warriors?.. Not in a million years. Bet these guys cant even swim, let alone be sea warriors!
    My regards to sandra, and stay cool man! We all miss you.


    ps* Ah yes, we will be riding our motorbikes to Krabi 30apr-8 may. Will spent few nights on Phi Phi island as well. Burn will be coming too. Care to join us?
  14. the food serve is fantastic will try the seafood later at kuala linggi..
    c u all at phi phi island ride my brothers.

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