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  1. Chart opens the new Bee Bop Pub in Pai on March 17.
    Anyone interested in an overnight trip to Pai for the opening?
    Propose to leave from the Bier Stube at 10.30 am on Monday the 17th.
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  2. Hi David,
    Where is Chart moving Be-Bop to? Sadly can't make it due to my shift down pit, could you please pass on my regards also wish him all the best in his new pub for me- Thanks.

    I've been told that the off-rd bike hire shop directly across the moat from Saxaphone Bar is playing tricks on people - hire a bike and it will run fine for 10+klms or so then it dies, won't start you get it back to them several hours later huffing and puffing and then the owner tells you there is nothing wrong with the bike and he wants money from you for the days rental time or no passport. I've heard this same story from two different people.
  3. Jake
    Chart's moving to one of the new shophouses on the right just as you enter town from Chiang Mai, before the PTT & close to the nice Bencharong restaurant.
    Supposedly he can play for longer hours there, as opposed to the old location next to the mosque.
    Re the bad off-road bike shop across the moat from Saxophone, do you mean CP just a few doors down from Spotlight bar?

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  4. David and Jake-

    I wonder if this could be the same shop I rented from..Dang's? As I mentioned before, the AX1 I rented from them was a mechanical nightmare for my 4 days GT ride in February.

  5. AND AGAIN - I bumped into some falang yesterday pushing his rented XLR250, turns out it's from CP just down from Spotlight a-go-go. So be warned the guy in this shop is a robbing w______r. I can't believe people can be that gready as to ruin others lifetime holidays. Even though it's not happened to me it still makes me rather miffed![:(!]
  6. Is there anyone in town that you could recomend hiring bikes from that aren't going to rip Falang off?
  7. Please note the comments on this thread are 9 years old and no longer have any relevence. There hire places in pai. Drive across the pai river bridge, stay on the major road and about 1klm on the left you will pass tip's offroad bike centre. Well maintained bikes and a good bloke.

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