Triumph in Thailand

Aug 31, 2005
I'm sure everyone is aware of the Triumph plant on the eastern seaboard of Thailand that manufactures components for Triumph motorcycles. But I read in the latest issue of AMCN that Triumph Australia has announced that all classic Triumphs (Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler etc) will be fully assembled in Thailand for non European markets. This could mean Triumph might start officially selling these models in Thailand and as they're assembled in country there could be a lower tax rate.

Maybe someone knows more and can update.



Mar 5, 2006
Spoke to Triumph (Thailand) MD last week, following the celebratory newspaper insert. I initially asked him if he had any pointers as to how I could import a Scrambler into Thailand.
He confirmed what you have reported; but he himself had yet to find a way of importing a Triumpph into the country.
He did, however, say that they had been approached by a number of dealers, but nothing substial or definite has yet to emerge - and I was given the impression not to hold my breath.
Their last dealer, Thunderbird here in BKK, ceased being a dealer some 4-6 years ago.
A shame really, as it would be a splendid advert as to Thai industrial production. I was told that Thailand is more interested in exporting products than home sales.
I have looked into importing thru dealers in UK, UAE & Japan but the problem appears to be finding an importer who can and is willing to jump thru the hoops getting the paperwork done at "reasonable" import duty and costs!!