Triumph Rocket 3 Trike!

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  1. Well known Chiang Mai Bike Shop owner Joe just finished His Latest Creation for a Customer. He is well known for Building Sidecars and Trikes and this one is a Ripper! He called in to Show Me on Thursday afternoon when he was out giving it a Shakedown Ride. And as You can imagine with 2300cc it is a Seriously FAST Trike! He flew as it took off up the Road! Really Impressive, I want One!!!
    Some Photos of the Beast!!!



  2. What a beast. Certainly more fun than getting about on a zimmer frame!
  3. Yep Joe really is a good bike builder. He should have his own TV series.
  4. Wow, when I read the title I thought :crazy:

    But damn, that is nicely done! :clap:
  5. Awesome guys! I'm an Aussie paraplegic. Age 41.
    does anybody know who sells Trikes? What are the rules in riding across Asian borders? What size bike in CC's that you would recommend? What would a Honda 250cc be like to convert to a TRIKE to ride Asia and to,access offroads and beaches? Thx for any input guys. I've owned Harley trikes in oz 10 years ago.
  6. I am not aware of anyone who sells Trikes here? From what I have heard Sidecars are Technically Illegal in Thailand! But If You Start with a Normal Bike Legally Registered then put the Trike Conversion on it in Theory You have a legal trike? Or at least that is what People do and they haven't been bothered by authorities so far? Any bike can be converted to a Trike? Depends on Your Budget what Size and Type You go for? Good Luck with Your adventure!
  7. What was total cost of that Rocket Triump mate?
  8. That is a lovely machine. He looks to be quite the craftsman. I miss my Rocket III but would never pay the asking price for a new one in Thailand. That bike never failed to bring a smile to my face except when I had to change the back tire which happens a lot on that beast!
  9. how much was this in Aussie dollars Ian?
  10. I don't now the Full price of the Trike? You would have to ask Joe? At a Guess You could probably build one here for around 1 Million Baht? That's Buying a Second hand Rocket and the Trike Kit etc?
  11. I think it would be more than that Ian, used Rocket III's are rare and the cheapest I ever saw one was for 850,000 and I looked for a while including the Thai magazines and used dealers, new is 1.2+ million. All the extra parts and fabrication would certainly drive the price much, much higher. But as you say, check with Joe.

    AussieWheelchair, you would need something made with carrying capacity for your chair as well so you are looking at a whole different setup. There are some good builders here in Thailand, I suggest if you really want to travel by trike then you should go to a few bike shows here and talk to some people (with some pictures of something close to what you are looking for if possible) and you can probably get headed in the right direction. It's not a common request so good luck!
  12. I want one too!
  13. HB, there is one for sale on Baht Sold for 710,000. Trouble is, it was imported, so obviously tax and duty not paid. If you converted that one, the way the Police and Road authorities are acting now, even though it has a green book, I wouldn't take the risk. The kits go for about $7500, then shipping tax Vat etc.,then of course Joes costs. I am sorely temped to go for it if the house does sell this year.
  14. OK Guys. Here is Your Christmas Present Waiting to be Collected!!!
    This Trike is now for Sale. I spoke to the Owner Yesterday when He was here on it. Due to Health Reasons He will now be letting it Go. A Real Cool Rig so if You are interested please Call Him, details below:
    Tom. 085-8672974

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