Triumph Tiger Cub?

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  1. Taken from the UK online magazine 'Visordown'

    TRIUMPH COULD be planning to release a range of learner-legal 125cc models in the near future after a small-capacity prototype was spotted on test with the company's future big bikes.

    The small bike, which hasn't yet been photographed, was spotted at two separate tests in the UK and Spain where Triumph was running several of its 2011 and 2012 prototype machines. While a small bike seems at odds with the firm's existing range, it could explain a gaping gap between the firm's current line-up and its widely announced plans for future models. Last year, the firm said it intended to expand to offer seven separate model ranges, up from three. With the launch of the Tiger 800 and by reshuffling the way it categorises its bikes, the firm has already managed to turn its three model lines – which were 'Urban Sports', 'Modern Classics', and 'Cruisers' – to six ranges; 'Roadsters', 'Supersports', 'Adventure', 'Touring', 'Classics' and 'Cruisers. But that still leaves one entire model range unaccounted for.

    The firm's recent expansion in Thailand, where many of its bikes and components are now made, also means that a small-capacity bike could be profitable; something that would have been virtually impossible if it was made entirely in the UK.

    Beyond that, the firm has been careful in recent years to make sure its trademark rights to the name “Cub” have not expired; in the firm's pre-Hinckley days the name was used on the firm's entry-level, small-capacity models.

    With sales of small machines currently booming in India and Asia while the market for large bikes in so-called developed countries continues to drop, a move into the 125cc market could prove one of the best the firm has made since its rebirth 20 years ago.

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  2. Hi stubzi, I have heard from a Triumph Source over the Next two Years they will be releasing a Number of New Models including Smaller cc! I was told 350cc but No Details? One Rumored was a 1200cc Adventure!!!
  3. Are you boys talking about this bike? :)
  4. I may well be wrong but I think Triumph are making a Tiger Cub at the moment and it is a 800cc adventure type bike with a bored out version of the 675 engine. Having said that I hope they do start making smaller bikes again.
  5. Yeah thats CMs new Triumph dealer / shop.

    If the KTM 200 rumors are true, then it would be an industry trend pushing into asian markets with smaller engines (as asia rises economically). Will watch it to see where it goes.
  6. The latest Triumph which was recently released in Europe is called the Tiger 800, there are two models, one for on road and one for off road. See link below.

  7. I got my information from the motorcyclenews paper and whether they got the name wrong or whether Triumph saw sense I don't know. But it must make sense to build a 125 especially when you see how well the CBR125 sold in the UK and throughout Europe. A little trail or supermoto would also be nice. My brother rides a trials tiger cub in Australia and it goes and sounds really well.
  8. I just read in the MCN website that Triumph had laughed off rumours of a small capacity bike. However MCN only quoted "insiders" at Triumph rather than an official statement, so maybe it is misdirection. Some people did suggest that Triumph would find it difficult to go head to head with the Japanese in the 125 learner market.

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