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  1. Wanted to let everyone know that Tropical John, Handsome John , Johnno, guy that wears funny helmets...talks a lot and always cheery, and all the other aliases, was diagnosed yesterday with a brain tumour which is applying pressure to an optic nerve.
    Has had several cat scans and an MRI yesterday in Phuket. At this stage it appears he will be operated on in Bangkok sometime next week. Elle will be with him to sort out any difficulties. I'm having lunch with them today and will post any other info as soon as I can.
    He is in very good spirits but having vision problems, hence the lack of posts from him. We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery back to his usual crazy self.....well maybe not that crazy !!!!!!
  2. Noel,

    Please pass on my best wishes,

  3. Keep the Power up and recover quickly so that we can have the beers I own You,

  4. All best wishes to TJ and his family.

    Hope to see him recovered and back with us on the road and the forum.
  5. Bloody hell TJ, all the best. Get well soon mate.
  6. Hi Hiko

    Don't worry mate, I hadn't forgotten about the beers.... Thats one of the things that is keeping me going....
  7. One little tumor, and TJ thinks he doesn't have to keep up those Dog awful puns in his auto signature... some people... :roll: :roll: :roll:

  8. John, verry sorry to hear about your big health problem, I wish you a successful treatment & operation !! Get well soon !! Good luck, Franz
  9. Best wishes for a quick recovery and will look forward to meeting up when you next passing Khon Kaen.
    Anything you need doing up in the Udon Area, please let me know
  10. Hang in there John. I am sure this is something you can beat. Thim and I will be looking forward to another dinner together with you and Elle, SOON! :D
  11. My prayers are with you John for a speedy and complete recovery. Expect nothing less.
  12. Good luck to you mate, i wish you a speedy recovery.
  13. get well soon bro
  14. Good luck on the surgery heart and best regards for you.

  15. Without a doubt one of the nicest guys I have met In Thailand I hope for a speedy recovery. As John said anything we can do up Udon way just let us know.
  16. TJ Alias John Hamilton will be checking in to Phaya Thai 1 Hospital on Monday 23rd June.

    364 / 1 Sri Ayudhya Rd Phaya Thai . Bangkok 10400.
    Phone 02 640 1111.
    Operation should be next week after a few more preliminaries.
    At this stage expects to be in for approx 2 weeks. So if anyone is in the area and wants to visit the old geezer ..go for it.

    He's cruising along pretty well , his main concern is what internet wires and connections he's going to need in hospital........yep thats Johnno.
    Hope the big head job is a good one bloke !!!!!!
  17. I will definately get by there to meet the legend.
  18. TJ
    Speedy recovery mate,,,
    Will see you next time we travel to Phuket.
  19. Sorry to hear that but I can relate. Last year I was having dizzyness and loss of most of my hearing in just the left ear with no sign of infection. Doc said could be an acoustic neuroma (tumor pressing on the auditory/VIII cranial nerve). Scheduled an MRI to verify. Results negative, but let me tell you, that was a long 2 week wait to know for sure. Doc said a virus must have entered into the cochlea and messed with things in there. Still have permanent loss but only about 25% now. Scary stuff.

    Hopefully John has had a 2nd opinion on treatment like gamma knife (targeted radiation without cutting you open). Needless to say, traditional surgery in there is extreme and tricky business. Avoid if at all possible. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to him in any case.
  20. for free of course :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  21. Tj is now in the hospital and being operated on at 6 Am tomorrow ( tues).
    They expect him to be in ICU for about 24 hours and then back to his room for R+R.

    He is in hospital mentioned above in Room 636 on 6th floor .
    His mobile no. is 087 418 1227. Elle's is 087 217 6964. I'm sure he would appreciate any calls or visits......says they're treating him like a movie star at the moment so hope that level of attention is maintained by the staff.
  22. Thanks for keeping us up to date Noel :)

    I just spoke to TJ 5 mins ago and he's in great spirits. Told him we were all rooting for him and he reckons he'll be online in a few days as he has wireless in his room. Good on him!


  23. Yep I got down there today. John great meeting you at last.

    We are all praying for a full & speedy recovery. Full Throttle baby!!!!!
  24. John's had his surgery & is in recovery. The full results should be known in a few days & we expect to be hearing from TJ soon.
    In the meantime, please hold off for a day or too, instead of ringing Elle & TJ, as they need time to recover & digest the results to let us know exactly what is going on.
    If you need to make a phone call, please ring Noel Akers on 0817196730.
  25. Just spoke to Elle 5 mins ago and TJ is out of ICU. Very tired but woke up when I was phoning and said he would be back on the net tomorrow!!!!
    Tough bastard eh ?

    It appears that the whole tumour couldn't be removed due to its proximity to an optic nerve. They are doing tests on the tumour and we'll have to wait for the results and intended course of action.
    All the best TJ and Elle. She is doing a great job looking after him through a very stressful time.
    Will post any more info as soon as available.

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