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    A new pair of riding pants you say?

    Nah, not really, I’m happy with what I’ve got – the Fieldsheer Mesh pants.

    Look, give these a try will ya – I’ve got a banner on GTR & I reckon you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt to know if they are any good or not.

    Oh alright then, I will give them ago. Several months later they are still sitting on the top of the cupboard waiting to be tested.......bloody hell I thought I’d better give them a go, but they’re not really my style & can’t be that good; so I reckoned.

    It was just a simple run to Chiang Khong for a night or two.

    I put the pants on easier than I thought, plus my knee guards over the top as usual.

    It was bright & sunny when I left Chiang Mai & the pants worked well – not hot & surprisingly with a bit of airflow circulating – possibly cooler than the mesh Fieldsheer pants even, but that can’t be right can it I thought?

    Just north of Mae Suai, I made the obligatory stop at Charin Resort for some coffee ‘n pie.

    Back on the road it started to rain. I had no rain gear & battled on like a good soldier.

    The rain got absolutely torrential, visibility was minimal, vehicles were pulling over, but I chugged on.

    Charin – Chiang Khong was well over 2 hours.

    Did I get wet?

    Yes indeed, but I was amazed by the pants & how well they performed – hot & dry!
    I thought I would have felt both a hell of a lot hotter & wetter but didn’t. So what’s the secret then?

    According to Assero “the Cordura 1000D material has a loose weave that (1) allows air to pass through the fabric & (2) the Cordura has Durable Water Resistant coating; that whilst not waterproof is designed to dry very quickly if it becomes wet.

    One of the aims of Assero is to make riding gear specifically for the tropics & my initial impression of the pants is that they’ve got it well & truly right.

    I returned to Chiang Mai a couple of days later, threw the pants in the washing machine & put them out to dry. They scrub up like new & actually seem to dry in a flash. Very impressive. The Cordura material they are made of really is super. On another trip a week later the pants got a bit grubby from dirt off the road. Into the bathroom & out with the bum gum to give them a quick squirt to clean off the muck & they are basically dry again in minutes. You could not do this – clean & dry – so quickly with Kevlar jeans; so the Assero pants are a winner here again.

    On another quick half day ride, rather than put on the heavy Fieldsheer mesh pants, I opted for the Asseros. Now I knew more - easier & quicker to put on & more comfortable to wear, plus they actually look like normal pants. I got home & hung up the Asseros & that night went out. In a hurry to go out, the Asseros were handy to put on quickly & off I went. Nobody commented that I was wearing motorcycle riding pants – because they look just like normal pants. By now feeling totally comfortable with the pants, I continued to wear them for a few days – just like normal pants & they are as comfortable as, if not more comfortable than regular jeans to wear. Only one guy, a BMW rider picked that I was swearing biker pants, when he noticed the zip attachment on the back for a jacket. I told him how good I thought the pants were & he immediately wanted a pair too.

    Impressed or what? Yes I am highly impressed. And I was totally skeptical beforehand! These Assero motorcycle pants rock. And if you’re like me & live riding, then you should have at least one pair of Asseros in your wardrobe – for riding or even general everyday wear. They are that good! Plus they are as comfortable as jeans, but perform better in every way. I love mine already & want a 2[sup]nd[/sup] pair.

    Some facts on the Tropical Motorcycle Jeans (TMJ's) from the Assero website
    · Tropical Motorcycle Jeans are designed for daily use around town, perfect for commuting to work in a hot climate. While they look like normal jeans they conceal sophisticated design.
    • Five pocket, straight leg jeans style look identical to regular black jeans.

    The fabric
    • Cordura 1000D custom made specifically for Assero Gear for use in hot and humid conditions.
    • Highly abrasion resistant, approximately five times stronger than denim.
    • The loose weave allows air to pass through the fabric, rain will pill and roll off thanks to a Durable Water Resistant coating. The fabric is not waterproof, but is designed to dry very quickly if it becomes wet.
    • Cordura 1000D Nylon is cooler and more abrasion resistance than denim. Includes DWR coating.

    • Tropical Motorcycle Jeans uses the strongest seam in the industry. All of the main seams are triple sewn with a double-lapped seam over an inner security seam. This provides the ultimate protection against burst seams as the inner security seam is completely covered by an outer layer of Cordura 1000D.
    • Nylon sports lining, more comfortable in hot weather than polyester.
    • Massively strong lapped-seam construction using Coats bonded Nylon thread.
    • YKK size 10 coiled zip to attach jacket.
    In Chiang Mai you can get Assero Pants from Helmet2Home opposite Surawong Book Centre

    Or mail order here

    Assero Tropical Motorcycle Jeans

    Assero pants

    Assero motorcycle pants - look like ordinary pants

    Regular jeans

    Regular corduroy jeans

    Assero motorcycle pants with regular jean pockets. Comfortable & easy to wear

    Check em out. I'm hooked. Really great pants for all bikers in the tropics. Perfect riding gear for everyday use!
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  2. For the guy who was asking about protection

    Includes CE Certified Level 2 SAS-TEC knee protectors and pockets for optional hip protectors.

    However the pants I wore had no armour in them at the time.
  3. The banner ad claims 30% discount within Thailand and i tried to buy one of their tool rolls.

    i tried to contact the company through line messenger and email, as there was no auto discount feature on his checkout.

    But no response for a week - maybe he's away for xmas.
  4. Update: I spoke to James from Assero, seems like my email got filed into spam.

    I ordered a tool roll from him, he gave me a small discount and free shipping.

    It appears he's based in Indo, but is here in Thailand on business from time to time.

    I will post a review of the tool roll, as and when it arrives.
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    An update for these pants.

    On a recent trip in Laos I got caught in the rain for several days.
    Whilst I had a rain jacket I had no rain pants.
    I had two significant wet rides
    1. From Xam Neua to Phonsavan
    2. From Phonsavan to Phou Khoun.
    I wore my rain jacket on the Xam Neua - Phonsavan ride where it drizzled most of the day. I was amazed by the water repellant properties of the Assero pants. Unbelievable, yes I was damp but I wouldn’t say I was actually wet, they performed so well.
    • The Cordura has Durable Water Resistant coating; that whilst not waterproof is designed to dry very quickly if it becomes wet.
    • The loose weave allows air to pass through the fabric, rain will pill and roll off thanks to a Durable Water Resistant coating. The fabric is not waterproof, but is designed to dry very quickly if it becomes wet.

    Highly recommended. You can get them from Helmet2Home in Chiang Mai.
  6. Are the Assero company still going strong? I checked their social media accounts but they where not updated for ages.

    I might consider buying one of their pants ;)
  7. The pants are great & yes they are going strong.
    They even have some new "heavy duty" touring pants that I have been trying out & they are excellent.
    Well constructed. Good deep pockets.

    Horizon Cordura Touring Pants

    Horizon Cordura Touring Pants
    At Assero we are very fortunate to be able to test our products on the winding roads of north Thailand. So for long, hot days in the saddle we have designed some dedicated motorcycle pants specifically for hot environments and adventures that demand the highest levels of durability and strength.
    Assero Horizon hot weather touring pants offer comfort, durability, and all the features you would expect including:
    · All-Day Cut provides more room for a long day in the saddle
    · Diamond shaped crotch panel moves seams away to increase seated comfort.
    · Air-Flow Cordura 1000D is soft, comfortable, and allows air to pass through the entire garment.
    · An additional layer of Cordura 500D reinforces the knees. We included a PU under-coating for water-resistance when kneeling on damp ground. Think early morning coffee around an open fire.
    · Lumbar pad to protect the base of the back includes an abrasion resistant layer beneath attractive quilting.
    · MX boot fit. The pants are sized to fit MX boots for off-road and cross-country riding. A shin-length side zipper makes the pants easy to put on and take off. The calf area uses Velcro fastenings with glove tabs on Cordura 500D to reduce fraying.
    · Includes SAS-TEC CE Level II knee protectors. Interior pockets for optional SAS-TEC hip protectors.
    They are extremely well designed & functional. I've only used them for a couple of over night rides so far, but I'm sure that are going to be brilliant on a long tour in the tropics here.

    You should be able to check them out at Tony Big Bikes or Helmet2Home in Chiang Mai.
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  8. Thanks for the update David, Im based in Bangkok so CM is a bit far away for me. Assero still dont have any distribueres i the capitol yet?
  9. We are indeed going strong. But we're (I am!) guilty as charged on social media (the action is on our Thai FB pages).
    Here's a list of Assero dealers in Bangkok, and for those living over the border, we have a Malaysian distributor.
    We keep stock in Bangkok. If you need something, May and Than can help you (may AT (Thai), and than AT (Thai & English)). If your size is not available in a shop we can post it to you. Within Thailand we cover the cost of postage, for size exchanges too if it turns out you need a different size. Lest this post turns into too much of an advert, if you have any questions do contact me via PM on GT Rider or via LINE ID "assero."
    My thanks to David for his feedback on the Horizon hot weather touring pants. They are a brand new pants design and we're pretty proud of them. In the first month customers have already toured in them in Thailand, Lao and Myanmar. All good so far and, thankfully, no crash reports.
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  10. TWO new promo deals on JACKETS just now. Running until 31st May
    FREE SAS-TEC back protector worth $45 with every jacket purchase.
    Promo Code: WEGOTYOURBACK$45.

    They also have created a separate code for their newly launched Air Rush LADIES jackets (as featured in photo),
    for THAI ADDRESS clients only.
    10% off their Ladies Air rush price.
    Promo code: LADIESAIRRUSH10


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  11. I saw you post this on Facebook too Zed ;) What are your experience with the Assero Gear? Are you using any of their products on a regular basis?
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  12. Hi Nomade,
    I have been in close contact with Assero, because for some unfathomable reason they seem to have interest in my opinion regarding the upcoming ladies wear design.
    I am hoping they will get into Kevlar leggings for women..but thats not really relevant to you..haha!
    Their ladies wear is new and their previous line of clothing was focused on men, so all I can help you with is the feedback from male friends, who rate the gear highly.
    In particular the pants (which Assero promote as completely unique and the ultimate in safe hot weather gear).
    As for me, I am giving Assero my feedback on the ladies range, but it is early days.
    I may also be testing out some trousers.
    Its early days for me to personally give my experience, but I have a lot of interest in what they are producing including the materials used and stitching involved, etc. Thats why I am happy to get on board with them.
    It would be great if other members who have used their products could give their feedback
    I know David Unkovich seems to be very happy with the trousers.
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  13. I am waiting for Pants with the Full Knee Armour that can be Held in Place! Then all good, I will try a Pair. Also Hip and some Tail Bone protection or Padding would be Nice. I have discussed this and they are onto it! Great Quality Stuff.
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  14. Well as of an hour ago I just got some Assero Tropical riding pants.
    Cut for men, so a little lower on the waist that i would like, but fit ok.
    I will test them on my next ride and update.
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    How hot and sticky are the Assero trousers , and what crash tests or real life accident results have been documented as im interested ,

    currentlyfor 12 years have used Hood Kevlar jeans with extra armour inserts in hips and knees ,which have also proven full crash tests and reports and are considered the best denim type kevlar reinforced jean in the industry , cant stand getting too hot so leathers are out
  16. No accidents with them on.
    MY personal favourites to use are the Tropical Pants.
    I have the other Assero pants, plus some Fieldsheer mesh pants, but I prefer to use the Assero nowadays. They just feel ,so good on & the quality, attention to detail is really good. What I wear on the day / ride depends on how long the / far the ride is.
  17. My feedback on the Assero Tropical riding pants (took around 550km ride over the weekend on them, with a variety of weather changes during the ride):
    Ok, first off the cut is for a man, so i find the waistband too low for me. Sits on my hips rather than my waist. It would feel more comfortable and secure being higher up.
    My female rider friend Sam prefers riding pants on the hip though, so it is all down to personal preference i suppose (and body shape, which we women have in great varieties lol).
    The armour inserts felt fine. I didnt notice them. Comfortable.
    The pants were not hot, but i thought they might let more breeze in at first for some reason, but this kind is full cordura, so didnt.
    One good test was hitting some heavy downpour and I didnt stop to put on any waterproof trousers.
    Seriously heavy rainfall where vision was near impossible.
    Got quite wet. The rain disappeared as fast as it started (about 5 minutes max)
    Had around 30km left to destination with no rainfall and by arrival the pants had pretty much dried out.
    Happy with them. They did the job and they seem very well made.
    Just washed them today. The armour was easy to remove and the pants have come out nice...and pretty much dry on removal from the washing machine. They really dont hold any water in them.
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  18. I have used my Hood for about one year now here in Bangkok, just shorter trips on the scooter 30-60 mins. They hold up well, a bit warm now in the humid season.
    Hood Jeans, Are They Fit For The Thai Climate?
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I liked the part that they dry up fast ;)

    I hope Assero will consider putting on a pair of side pockets, cargo style :cool:
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  20. I dont find them hot or sticky at all.

    The Touring pants
    • Air-Flow Cordura 1000D is soft, comfortable, and allows air to pass through the entire garment.
    The Tropical Plus Jeans
    • Abrasion resistant air-flow Cordura 1000D with double layer across seat and thighs.
    • Nylon sports lining, more comfortable in hot weather than polyester.
    The Tropical Jeans
    • Cordura 1000D Nylon is cooler and more abrasion resistance than denim. Includes DWR coating.

    The other big plus I find is they dry out quick. I seldom take my rain pants on my rides anymore.
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  21. Got mine this week. First impressions ...
    Seem very well made. They came with the knee armor, and I opted to get the hip armor also.
    As far as the knees go - I removed them and will stick with my Scoyco
    The hip armor seems to fit in front of my hip, not on the side of it. Will have minimal crash protection me thinks.
    First ride tomorrow. We will see ...

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