Hood Jeans, Are They Fit For The Thai Climate?

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  1. I just recently discovered Hood Motorcycle Jeans, do any of you guys have experience using their pants in Thailand? Hot or not?

    They get som good feedback on their website Real world feedback - Hood Motorcycle Jeans
  2. When did you try them Gøran? From 2015 the Hood jeans have been lined with a softer, more breathable and cooler K-tech Para‑aramid.
  3. Do you use these Hood jeans at all?
    If not what are you using now for riding here?
  4. Nice review there David, I checked out their website. But their pants are only in black? For tropical use they really should have kaki or stone washed colors?

    Any experience ordering from their website?( I live in Bangkok)
  5. No, I just stumbled over their website a few days ago so I have no experience with their gear.

    Have been based in Bangkok for the last 3-4 years, but I only ride a regular scooter here. Don`t have any real riding pants, but I use these cargo pants from 5.11 Tactical. Quite strong and durable in my opinion. RipStop Cargo Pants -Taclite Pro Pants | Official 5.11 Site
  6. Last year, friend of my from Malaysia brought with him few pairs for us to try. They are ok but I prefer Motorrad version.
  7. My Hood jeans are over 11 years old & still OK
    They have the Kevlar lining but no armor. OK for winter season but too hot for summer here.
  8. Yes, I have an assero tool roll, I wrote a review somewhere here.

    You can speak to James, from Assero on LINE - he's a real helpful guy, knows his stuff about fabric.

    I have a cheap pair of mesh textile trousers from 320SP in Wong Wien Yai ( black ) they have cheap knee protection and mesh strips to let the air flow. I try to forget how cheap they are when I'm riding.

    I don't agree about the colours, I had a black fabric white plastic mesh jacket by Rev'it - now I have a black fabric mucky grey coloured mesh on the front and pearl white on the back. Light colours just get grubby, black is OK. I think whatever works for you is best.
  9. My mesh jacket is silver. Light enuf to be as cool as you can expect and dark enuf that it does not show dirt too bad. Bought years ago - is a HD brand but am sure made by a third party. Holding up well. Still searching for hot weather mesh pants I can live with. My last item. But been looking for a while - years in fact. Would like hip and knee armor, but no joy. Probably go with the AStar padded shorts and velcro knee protectors.
  10. Nah, I will not order black pants ;)

    I might try out one order from Hood Jeans, and get it sendt to my home country in Scandinavia. I`m a frequent traveler between Oslo/Bangkok. And then try out one of their jeans, if too hot for Thailand I still can use it in Oslo as I have a bike there also.
  11. We would like to make some pants in a different color too! The reality is that demand for black pants is about 100:3 for other colors. When one is buying fabric in 1000 yard minimums, it would take several years to sell the other colors... Sad, but true.

    What I would really like to find is a textile mill other than Schoeller of Switzerland who can integrate a UV reflectivity into the dye chemistry we use with Nylon 6.6. We've tried sourcing it in Asia. It used to be available but isn't anymore. Not sure why.

    To answer the OP's questions fully, ordering from our website is dreamy! :) Seriously, we have stock in CM from which we fulfill TH orders via EMS. And I often meet customers in BKK to show them our gear. There will be a number of stockists in Bangkok in due course. We are in discussion with various chains of motorcycle shops. Oddly, the retailers in Kuala Lumpur got to the front of the queue first so you can buy Assero Gear in Sunny Cycles and MotoStyleStore and a few others in KL already. I need to switch focus back to Bangkok now.

    As for Hood Jeans. AFAIK, their quality is really good. If I was living in the UK I would consider them. But denim in Thailand is a bit hot since air doesn't flow through the fabric freely. That said, it's 41C today and anything would be hot.
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  12. C
    Can you hit us with a list of Thai outlets where we can see or buy Assero pants?
  13. I actually ordered a pair of their cargo jeans, and tested it on my last trip to Bangkok.(Just come back to Oslo this morning) Cargo Jean Mens Green - Hood Motorcycle Jeans I`m quite pleased with the fit and comfort of the jeans. Off course hot and humid in the slow Bangkok traffic, but I got used to wearing a bit thicker pants than usual. They sure look and feel like a quality product, lets hope I dont`t get to test them sliding on tarmac ;)
    Brought them back with me and will continue to use them here until my next trip to Thailand in late august.

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