Ttr250 Engine Rebuilder In Chiang Mai

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Richard Toh, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hello All!
    May I ask for a suggestion for a good honest engine rebuilder for a 1994 Yamaha TTR 250?
    I will be in Chiang Mai in Nov and am willing to carry my engine and carb for him to do a full rebuild and perhaps a re-bore as well.

    I have a reasonable good Yamaha spares shop in my home country but if all engine spares are available in CNX, I rather let the mechanic purchase what's requires after opening engine than buying everything and carrying over.

    Suggestions gents?

  2. Hi Richard,
    I would Contact Joe. He takes care of Mine. You can try Email first but not sure He checks? [email protected] Or Try calling Him at +66 810336937. He was the Original Importer of Mine. He just serviced it a week ago! It's a TTR 250 Raid. Good Luck.
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  3. Ian,
    Many thanks for your kind reply.
    Will contact him to discuss. Hope he can speak good english. Anyway also awaiting recommendation from my very old friend Tip of Tip offroad in Pai. He used to run 2x TTR and know a thing or 2 about TTR's and dirt bike shops in CNX.
    Lovely raid you have there.
    Any chance you could give me a update on the TTR parts supply situation there in CNX?
    I know you can get parts from BKK but not too sure about CNX. Was in CNX about 18 months ago and dropped in at a big Yamaha spares shop on Chang Moi Rd. They told me it was tough getting spares for TTR in CNX.

    If thats so, then I buy all possible spares and supply to the engine rebuilder.

    Thanks again.

    Richard from Singapore
  4. If Possible get all the Parts first Yourself then there will be No Holdups. Most Parts have to be Ordered in to Thailand anyway for this model.
  5. Ian,
    Thanks for advice. Will do except for pistons and rings. Problem is dont know whats the current size and might have to buy more than 1 set in case liner worn and needs oversized set.


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