Tube To Tubless Tire Kits.

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  1. I posted this years back but for some Reason can't find it so just to Refresh for Those Interested. Here is a Link to the Company from Japan who Make Tubless Tire Kits for Spoke Rims! I will definitely Be Fitting this if I Buy a Big Bike with Tube Spoke Rims. I hate having to Pull the Wheel Off! Can't beat Plug and Go Kits!
    Here is the Link. Outex: tubeless kit supermoto wheel rim rk excel outex
    If You see in the Listing the New Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin and the Triumph Tiger 800XC are both Listed so Great News!
    Here is a Video of it:
    I know a Guy who has been using it and No Problems!
    And when You have this fitted this is the Kit I carry for Punctures:
    They have a better Kit complete with a Small Compressor for a bit more Money:
    So Check them out, Good Luck and Happy Riding!
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  2. I did this but using products I could find here in Thailand. Have about 8,000km on the bike so far with out issues.

    KTM 990 Tubeless - cyb
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  3. That is Very cool. Well done. Probably has a bit more Flexibility than the Tape Method. Tried and Proven so Good Job!
  4. Ultimately it would be nice to have tubless spoked rims but they are way to expensive.

    With the glue method I'm not sure how big of a headache it will be to adjust the spokes when its necessary. I used acrylic type glue for the initial application over the spokes then standards silicone over that. Bought both from Homepro so very little cost involved just my time to do the work. I did have to drill the valve stem hole on the rear rim to fit the steel valve stem I bought. The main thing with any of the methods, I feel, is to get the rim as clean as you can.

    I did the same treatment on the front tire as well but still run the tube in it. My theory is if I do get a flat on the front it will deflate slower and give me a bit more time to get pulled off the road. Information I've read on the net is that the front tube style rims dont have enough lip to keep the tire bead seated properly.

    I put the tube rubber band back on over the spokes on the rear thinking it would help prevent damaging the glue when installing the tire. In a very short period of time the band shifted and I wasn't able to check the tire pressure as the band covered over the valve stem. Bugger. Tire off bike again, broke the bead and pulled the rubber band out and haven't had any problems since. I've only had to top up the pressure once after leaving the bike parked for a couple of weeks which I think is normal for any bike.

    I have the Garmin tire pressure monitors on the bike and was a bit nervous the first couple hundred kilometers but to be honest it seems to have worked very well for me so far.
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  5. noone has tried the tubliss system? Is it available in thailand?
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    TUbliss is designed for dirt bikes so they can be used at very low tire pressure;
    down to zero, still goes well
    21, 18, 19 inch sizes only.
    Have on the rear of my trials bike in Colorado.

    Not available here yet i guess.
    ~$100 per, USA
    Add ~$80 shipping if EBay-ed
  7. Great for Dirt Bikes but most were looking for the Tubeless Kit for Adventure, Road or Classic Bikes that Come with Tube Spoke Wheels but have Tubeless Tires avalible in there Size!.

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