Tubless Spoked Rims!

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
Kiwi John supplied Me with this Link on a Product that Fits inside Your Existing Tyre and Rim which eliminates the Tube. Tubeless Spoked Rims!!! Now this is what is needed and John also Claims there are Multiple other Products to do a Similar Job? Ages ago I actually Posted this Question but for some reason I can't find My Post now? Anyway I never got any Answer from anyone at that Time. Any other Products Please Post them. Here is the Link:


Jun 28, 2010
saw them test in a dirt bike mag a little while back.

there were some issues but i can't remember what they were now

if i find it i post


Oct 12, 2005

I was trying to bring in some during my last trip to the states. Trouble was they had no supply left for 18" rear tires at the time. They are manufactured in China and its a small outfit so his batch runs are only every few months. its a small high pressure roadbike tube stuffed into a stiff plastic/rubber shell. All is well and good unless you puncture the innertube. This tends to happen most often during installation. i've heard of guys popping handfuls of them on their first install. In the states its no problem as you can order handfuls of the tubes from the company. Over here a supply of tubes would be the issue.

Definitely something I am going to try. it does not stop flats as you can still get flats, but hopefully puts an end to pinch tubes which you get a lot on dirt bikes/dual Sport rides. More than 50% of my flats are pinched tubes caused when you clout things too hard with the tire and the tire carcass pinches the tube between the tire carcass and the rim. The hole left in the tube by these style of flats looks like a crescent moon shape, or "smile" more than a simple hole in the tube.