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  1. I am the proud :) owner of a honda wave 125 s. I have been driving this little gem now for over 3 years and am very happy with it. The only thing that i would like is just a little bit more power to get up some steep hills in my area.
    is there a way to get just that little bit of extra power without having to make any major modifications.
    I changed the rear sprocket for one that is slightly bigger and that helped a bit. I don't really want to modify the exhaust cause i like the stealth mode of the wave.
  2. I just realized that I might have put this topic in the wrong section. maybe a moderator can put it in the correct one
  3. As you know an internal combustion engine is simply an air pump that burns fuel. So to get more power you need more air. To do that you need to increase the engine size (fit bigger piston and barrel) or increase the volumetric efficiency (increase the port and valve size, different cam and carburettor) or both. Either way the exhaust will have to go.

    As you wish to keep that well...... :?

    On the bright side there is lots of stuff available just depends on what you choose. I heave heard there are kits to take a Yamaha Mio out to 185cc 8)
  4. I don't like loud exhausts either but a change of exhaust will give you the power increase you are looking for.

    if you live in pattaya forget it though, as the cops will fine you 1000 baht if they see it.
  5. the mechanic i use, mr. ball, claimed he supercharged a wave to run in the drag races up here in chiang mai. i reckon that would have the power you are looking for although with engine life measured in minutes prob not quite what you are after!
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  7. OP,

    I just so happen to be an Ex R&D guy for Yamaha GYTR products. 2001-2005 (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing).
    I designed the exhaust systems for the MX race team, all the R1/R6/Raptor/and YZ's etc...
    It always makes me laugh when people think that by just adding a PIPE to a four stroke, it will make more power. Louder, Yes but, it will just move the power band. To the average Joe, it will seem like you have more power. With out doing all the Mod's, carb, airbox, etc you were just paying my salary...

    And you do understand that changing your gearing that you are robbing peter to pay Paul.

    When it comes to engines and preformance, there is no free lunch.
  8. So what would you prescribe for a 125cc Wave engine to get one more pony?
    I've always wondered about that long bent snorkel between the carb and the cylinder; wouldn't a carb bolted directly to the cylinder, a K&N air filter and a better flowing exhaust make a change for the better?

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