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  1. Ahh, timing always was my strong point....36 hours until we are due to land in Bkk and the dear old British Foreign Office is advising against all unneccesary travel to or around that great city and there's talk of unusually cold weather in Chiang Mai!!.

    Well unless they ground all the aircraft we'll still be coming - you can't let those who use fear & violence think they've made a difference.

    Look forward to seeing one or two GT'rs on Friday night in the Kafe (cnx) hopefully.


  2. youre damn right there tomo, see you friday
  3. Indeedy, screw all the political crap and see you/Liz/Nige/Nige's girly (sorry!) on friday after about 9pm in the Kafe.

    Have a good flight ladies & gents!

  4. Pikey

    Any idea how long to get from Udon Thani to CMX. Am leaving the inlaws Friday and would like to get to the Kafe before closing, not sure the time it takes as we came a different way over

    Also we are 2 hours north east of Udon so will probably have to leave quite early
  5. Hi John,

    DavidFL or one of the other old hands are probably better to answer but when I sold my XJR1200, it was to a guy from Udon and we met at Uttaradit which was about 4 hours for me and 6 for him although I know he went via some small roads.

    Hope to see you friday!


  6. On monday the 1st drove by car (4WD) from Chiangmai via Uttaradit, Chattrakan, Denchai, Loei, Udon and Nongkhai to Vientiane. Took me about 10 hours but sometimes it takes a bit more (11 hours or so) in particular when I leave a bit later (left home at 5 o'clock in the morning).

    Guess that on a bike it would take the same or less time as I don't drive fast (well probably the wife does not agree with that statement).

  7. yeah i would go along with that, i drove a rented toyota vios there in 8 hours from chiang mai to udon via the den chai, chat trakarn loei route and the 211 by the mekong, but if you are 2 hours east of odrn i would say give yourself a good 10 hours or even more...
  8. Thanks guys for the info, I fel a bit of an imposter ap present as I am up here in my car, so the times will help.

    Pikey all going well will see you in the Kafe friday, Tommo should be there Friday nite as well, just sent him an email at work and he has already left work as have got auto reply.

    Looking forward to getting my leg over in CMX, on a bike that is
  9. Gday guys.....this is probley a really dumb question..but what does CMX and CNX stand for.

  10. Hi Rex,

    "CMX" is a typo but "CNX" is the airport code for Chiang Mai. People use it as an abbreviation for the city to save typing. Same with BKK for Bangkok.


  11. Well, after 36 hours in the big city we are now in cnx and staying at Jonadda GH!

    Hope to see some of the GT guys tonight in the Kafe.

    It's great to be back in Thailand.



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