Twisty Roads To A Beautiful Hill Top Temple - Beyond The Sarasin Bridge

Discussion in 'Thailand Motorcycling Videos' started by ashtonlawson, May 10, 2017.

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  1. Three and a half years ago, my first ever ride on newly purchased BMW GSA was to this beautiful place.
    Love that steep section...


    Wat Bang Riangps.
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  2. Don't tell me that temple in a boat is in the same area, I'll have to go back again!

    Which is fine, I love that road :p.
  3. It is in the valley before going uphill towards the temple.
  4. I've worked it out, it's the actual Wat Rat Upatham at the base of the hill. Funny since I did briefly ride in there and didn't see anything 'unusual'. Must be careful not to let the grander things overshadow the more quaint ones. Slightly ashamed now.

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