Two incredibly foolish bikers

Feb 24, 2006
The first link I have never seen before, some totally unskilled and stupid riding going on there, whats with the one foot clearences? (actually the guy with the camera holds the wheelie nicely with very slight power adjustments, yet plants the front wheel back down far too heavy, and uses the front wheel far too much to correct his heading during the wheelie, the guy in front, I would say chops the throttle all the way through his wheelies, far too harsh.

The second link, well, what can we say about GhostRider, the whole team are highly skilled, but complete loons...... Word has it that the whole team have performed as "GhostRider" in the Movie series, yet the founding member who was riding the 1/2k Busa died in a biking accident nearly 2 years ago, but the facts are few and far between, just rumours.

Have to agree, not the done thing on a public highway.... Been There, Done That... And got the Scares to prove it...... lol

Reminds me of a saying from the hanger.....

There Are Old Pilots, And There Are Bold Pilots, But There Are No Old Bold Pilots.

Easely applies to bikers.....


Nov 14, 2006
In this vid they claim that the cops deliberately killed this biker. Either way a mob scene breaks out & the cops are in serious trouble.

Pretty sure it's Russia.