Two new riders headed out to the GT

Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by sawyer, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. My buddy and I are headed out for a month ride around Tailand.

    How shoud we be prepairing and what should we see.

    Any advice is welcome

    Thanks Sawyer
  2. Tom![:D] read the FAQ & intro to G.t. Riders, then ask yourself what do I want to see.
    Do I want adventure, am I a culture vulcher, ride dirt, blacktop all the way, mate theres so much to see an do but you gota have a game plan, do some research, ask questions, and enjoy the ride.
    THEN post your trip or David FL will kick your freckle! Take lots of pics, drink chang bye the gallon,and find the best Kai soi in the G.T[;)]
    Regards Scott.

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