Two up touring luggage


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Mar 27, 2009
Hello all

Friend and I are backpacking Thailand at the moment and would like to pick up a suitable large bike for rent in BKK or Chiang Mai and tour for 2 weeks

We have questions about where to pick up a suitable large bike, whether in BKK or Chiang Mai and wondering about the best method to securing luggage to the bike. It seems to pose a challenge riding two up and stowing the necessary luggage.

Suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated for us newcomers

Thanks in advance,
Dan and Rachel


Jan 5, 2008
Gday Dan and Rachel.

In my opinion starting in Chiang Mai would be the best option. Riding in northern Thailand gives you a large array of cultures and scenery, as well as having roads with minimal traffic. Once in Chiang Mai and you have a map, its very simple to work out a good trip. Look through some of the posts, which wil give you an idea of you may want to see and do.

As for bikes, check out this link ... vices.html Mr mechanic and Tonys big bikes have a good range, many with pack racks for luggage. Many guesthouses will let you leave excess luggage with them, when your out on a trip.

Good guesthouse try jonadda, apart from having good inexpensive rooms, is ran by an ozzie guy named John, who has plenty of riding experience in Thailand, and will give you plenty of tips. Its also in a good location.



Oct 14, 2005
Most area have fairly good laundry services so you may not as much as you think, depending on where you are going. One night lay over will probably do the trick