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    Well the Vstroms battery has finally started to start playing up, right before a departure to Laos.
    3 years and 89,400 kms up so I should not complain.

    Getting a new battery that is satisfactory can be problematic at times, so rather than chance it in Laos for 10 days, the hunt was on in Ubon.

    Shop # 1 was no go checking the battery + had no batteries for sale.

    Shop # 2 offered a gel battery for 1500 baht.

    Go Motor is the shop & they are new - open only 3 months - with a nice range of bikes & some gear for sale.
    GTR- IMG_0671.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0678.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0670.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0672.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0673.JPG
    Out the back they even have a machine shop
    GTR- IMG_0681.JPG
    for a bit of engineering.

    Go Motor doesnt have a card yet. But their contact phone number is 064 824 8444.
    GPS Location: N15 15.697 E104 49.949
    I couldn't find them on Google maps, but they are on R231, 450 metres north of the R23 intersection, on the left hand side, heading North.

    GTR- IMG_0679.JPG

    But Go Motor 'however, didnt get my money for the Gel battery, as I was not convinced that was my best option at the time. There could be more. So.......

    Shop # 3 was the Suzuki Big BIke Dealer, who had nothing.

    Just down the road then was shop # 4 - the Honda Big Wing dealer.

    Facebok Honda Big Wing Ubon

    And what a magnificent premises they had.
    GTR- IMG_0696.JPG
    GTR- IMG_0695.JPG

    A nice clean empty workshop
    GTR- IMG_0684.JPG

    And an NCX 750 / Africa Twin battery that would do the trick DSC_2238.JPG
    Slightly smaller, slightly stronger &significantly more expensive than the 1500 baht gel battery.
    I want something good, that is going to last another 3 years/ 90,000 kms, so the 5,840 baht AT battery is the winner.
    A happy Honda Big Wing service employee.
    GTR- IMG_0682.JPG

    Some other bike shops in Ubon
    Triumph Dealer Service - Ubon Ratchathani

    Kawasaki Ubon Ratchathani

    A big thanks to Steve Sivell who showed me around Ubon today.
    Laos here we come tomorrow.
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    I I I want to give a thumbs up to Go Motor, I ran over something that left a big hole in the tire. I tried my plug kit and two tire shops and did not get stranded but plugs would not seal it so a new tire was needed. They fixed me right up with a fair price. I went ahead and had them change the front tire too since I had 12,000kms on them anyhow. Highly recommended fast service with no issues and I will go back when my Diavel needs tires which will be soon since that bike eats them up! The shop has a good tire balancer and tire machine, no scratches on my rims. A good assortment of other supplies as well. Same place as David mentioned, just Northeast of the 23/231 ring road intersection on the North side of town
    Google Maps
    My first trip report! more to come... 69422730_2154235768209986_1069395733708275712_n. 69621843_587949415071723_3045414705179918336_n. 69843632_1074926836189223_5842996629010907136_n. 69330110_2449620375125504_9114204830162747392_n. 70128127_948861725474711_7960953111290314752_n. 69915914_618350448692232_6520536155270676480_n.

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