Udon to CNX trip / route planning

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Hope you can help me out here..

    Planning to ride from Udon to CNX in the near future.

    Plan at this stage is:-

    Day 1.. Ride along the Mekong all the way to Tha Li and stay around here some where.. (Any recommendations?)

    Day 2.. Ride along the border some more then through the back roads to the highway.. Google screen shot below as well as Google maps link.
    Just not sure on the road conditions through here and it looks rather remote..


    Google Link:-

    Any advice appreciated.


    PS.. It is going to be very difficult not to head to Nong Khai and cross the border :p
  2. Hi Brian,

    You did'nt mention how many days you set aside for this trip.

    From Tha Li if you follow the border you'll get to Na Haeo and onto the 1268; to get to Uttradit and highway 11 you take the 1237, 1143.
    Highway 11 NorthWest of Uttradit although a highway is incredible.
    If you head further North on 1268 you can get onto the 1083 to Na Noi and left on 1216 and 1024 to Phrae and head South onto highway 11.

    If you have the time head North up to Nan and do the Doi Pukha loop and head West to CNX.
    These roads are great so whichever way you go you'll have a super ride.

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