Up, down and dirty in Lam Nam Kok NP - right Out There!!

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  1. Time to give the new KLX a real test. So Tom and I headed off to Lam Nam Kok National Park, northwest of Chiang Rai. Tom was on an XR250 from ST bike hire in CR. We headed out of the Viang In Chiang Saen and down the new highway 1016 (75% finished) for some jok moo for breakfast in Mae Chan.
    Then 15klm west along the 1089, we turned south at the Police station checkpoint and immediately onto the dirt trail. We were going to head across about 50 klms of dirt roads across the middle of the National Park. Some extreme stuff ahead.....




    The camera doesn't show the inclines too well, but this was steep.



    Great fun, blasting up these steep tracks.


    But the steep rutted downhills are a bit disconcerting. When you know the brakes are not really going to stop your downward progress.... first gear, clutch out, dabs on the rear brake, pick your line, grit your teeth and hope for the best.....



    Gorgeous scenery and wonderful riding.




    I've not done a lot of this steep dirt riding, so it was quite a challenge for me. Great fun and good for improving one's riding skills.


    The jungle hunter and the trail warrior.....
    This middle of this park is quite remote, so of course there is some illegal hunting. Not good for the wildlfe population, but not for me to judge, as these people have been doing it for generations. There was also a few signs of illegal logging, fortunately not too much, that we saw.


    Down into the valley for more fun at a river crossing....


    and another......


    and another......


    and another......


    and yet another...... about 8 in all on this trip.


    Then we came to the village of La Bue, our halfway point. The people here must be just about completely cut-off to the north during the rainy season, as some of these extremely steep trails would be impassable on anything.



    other hazards

    Then the road south from La Bue is a bit easier, as that is the route to Chiang Rai.





    Finally we emerged from the jungle above the Karen Ruam Mitr elephant camp, at the Kok river.



    So, we took a spin up to the Huay Mae Sai waterfall, which has several cataracts.



    Tom takes a dip.




    We showed our support for the Ban Jalae Hilltribe Museum.

    Then headed for home.


    Brilliant stuff, with just a couple of little bruises. A wonderful day out.

    However, I don't think I would want to try that trail on my own. If you fell badly and couldn't ride, it might be a long time before someone found you.

    Best wishes
  2. Nice one! A very Scenic trip with Great Trails!
  3. Sweet report. That loop must be one of the delights of riding in the Chiang Rai area.
    Thanks the photos & contribution.
  4. Cheers guys,
    Must say, I didn't like the KLX to start with Colin, but it's growing on me. Seems like you are enjoying yours too..?
    I love the fact that it will take me to places I couldn't go on a road bike and that's why I bought it. I can see some hidden areas of the country, most people can't get to.
    If you rev the balls off it, it seems to go ok......
    Some mornings though, I find myself looking for the carb tickler and the where the f**k is the kickstarter....... :p:p

    have fun
  5. I'm going to leave it standard. I bought the bike for offroad use, for which it has plenty of power for me to get into trouble. I'm off to Laos on it next March, so would like to get something sorted for the seat, it's very plank-like......
  6. I've been meaning to do this route for a while now. Now I definately will.

    I've been thinking of trying a pair of cycling shorts under my gear next big ride to see if it improves the seat comfort. I don't find it too bad at all usually.

    I ran over my first Dog on the KLX yesterday morning unfortunately for the Dog which didn't seem to recover. The KLX hardly flinched. I'm no expert but I think I would have been screwed on a lesser bike doing 80kph.
  7. Cycling shorts would be comfy but would probably give you a sweaty crotch during the middle of the day.... I guess the seat comfort is down to what you are used to and how much natural padding you have. Me, I got no **** to speak of and have been spolit by the comfy seat on my Thunderbird, easy to sit on all day long.

    sorry to hear about the dog..... glad he didn't throw you off......
  8. Is it possible to go from Kiu Sataa down to Pha Khwang in the dry season on a scooter? I have experience in odd situations climbing and descending mountain roads on a scooter :)

    I ask this because I'm comming from Doi Mae Salong and want to go back to Chiang Rai city, but not use the highway.

    I want to go Kiu Sataa - Pha Khwang - motorcyle bridge and further down to the city...

    Many thanks in advance!
  9. Why not? 99% of traffic on that road is done by scooters, so why shouldn´t you!? Or have you ever seen hilltribe farmers on offroad bikes??

    but, the southern half of that trip is no longer offroad. i suppose that it is already tarmac. No longer a nice road.

  10. Hi Trax,

    I did that route last early November in reverse, with a mate on 250 dirt bikes. A great ride. We did struggle up some of the paths due to the sticky Chiang Rai mud. But the locals riding scooters gave us a push a couple times....... Pretty steep in places but quite do-able and a good fun. We came from the south side of the river and crossed the dodgy "motorcycle bridge", which had no sides at the time..... I thought it was a lovely ride all the way and much easier now it's dry season.

    Have a good ride and let us know how you got on.
  11. cycling briefs............... wow....... what will they think of next...........
  12. I did that route Last week, quite a short offroad section. The first few K's were a bit dodgy due to ruts and corrugations but it got better. passed a Honda dream with passenger going the other direction so its doable. Make a nice short cut from Doi Mae Salong.

    and thanks marcusb I was thinking of going crotchless but now I know its not necessary ;-)

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