Update - Now rented bike can enter to Laos from Cambodia - see conditions below

Nov 23, 2005
Moto Rally tour in Southern Lao (Jan 27 – Feb 7, 2012)
Looking for few experienced riders.

Since 2000, we do motor rally in the region. This year, we will go to Southern Laos for about 10-11 days. If you are fan of motorbike, have good temper, like good fun and adventure in remote area, like to make a stop to enjoy scenery, then you may join us in this tour.

You must have a reasonable good level of biking and experience with off road.
We will have some deep river crossing and at least one crossing where bikes need to be carried on shoulder, nice track along the Ho Chi Minh trail and sandy section. You must have an off road bike (XR, Baja) in GOOD condition with full check up before departure and proper protective gears (boots, knee, etc,..).
a bike with its original registration card
and a letter from the motor rent shop allowing you to cross the border,
passport. Lao visa will be done at border.

Of course, must find a renting bike shop who may accept renting you a bike while you keep you passport (get info from Dara, Angkor and Bernard, who all confirmed this is possible).

We want take our time to go through new areas, cross river, visit waterfalls, ancient temples, take pictures. We will sleep in local hotel, in hill tribe villages and probably jungle. Boloven plateau is 1000 meter. high, so warm clothes are required, especially at night!!!
We plan to leave from Phnom Penh on Jan 27. straight to Stung Streng & Lao border, Sipan Don Mekong waterfall, then East on Rd. 18A to Attopeu, then North on small road & from Saravan on Rd 23 up to Muang Pim (B52 bombed bridges), then great loop through hill (Xehamouak - Savanaket along Phou Xang He national park) North of Rd 9, the back to Cambodia trying to avoiding concrete roads.
Maximun: 6 participants – Lao Beer is excellent!!
NO participation fee requested. A donation to support schooling of poor kids in Kampot appreciated.

Contact Philippe: 012 838 739 in Kampot (can speak & read Khmer, Thai & Lao)
e-mail: [email protected]