Urgent help needed: Mechanics in PP

Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by Mingh, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Our trusted old minsk broke down with burnt generator coils. We got it back to phnom penh and have all the spare parts handy, but every mechanic who tries to help ends up making the problem worse.

    Is there a good and reliable repair shop in Phnom Penh?

    Alternatively, are there good dirt bike rentals in Siem reap?

    Thanks heaps
  2. Flying Bikes on street 108 have the best mechanics in PP, there is also a new place "The Bike Shop" on street 352 with a French boss.
    It is against the law to rent bikes in Siem Reap
    Good luck
  3. thanks!
    Tried a gazillion places (even a guy dealing with Urals, fellow soviet bikes on street 360) to no avail. Will try Flying bikes.

    regarding Siem Reap: I know Angkor is out of bounds for bikes, but is it really forbidden to rent out bikes to ride to ,say , Bantay Chmar? Meaning we have to rent them from PP and leave them idle for a few days in Siem reap?

    Cheers for the feedback!
  4. I sent them to Bernard, Phnom Penh Bike, on street 302, a pretty thorough mechanic with proper tools, torque wrenches etc. a little more western priced but very western quality standard. Flying bikes who sevice my 250 cc, couldnt help them as dirt bikes are more their specialty. waiting to see the outcome.
  5. We're holding our breath -and fingers crossed. Tried to work it out myself but the generator is as dead as a it can be, No point fumbling around with the wires.
    Flying bikes didn't even want to begin on it - japanese 4 strokes only...
    JimCa2's tip to call on Bernard (The Bike Shop at street 302) was golden. After a few hours of testing Bernard and his team claim to have found the problem, and are as dedicated as a shark smelling blood to get our old bike running again. He's currently rewiring the coils inside the generator. We don't know yet if he's gonna succeed. What we do know is that he offers a fantastic service and a professionalism we haven't come accross yet in the whole of SouthEast Asia. We're currently riding an XR250 of his and boy this is fun! I guess the road up to Bokor is even boring with this power and grip. We're seriously considering renting a pair of these to go out and play. If it weren't for our budget...

    Thanks for the help Guys
  6. The little old lady on the Minsk is back in full force! Bernard (Bike shop street 302) saved the day! Thanx Hovis and Jim CA2 for the tip!

    Let's rock and roll!!!
  7. Hey Mingh, power to the people great to hear your back on track.
    Keep that right wrist wrapt aronnd the throttle, have a good trip back
    to Vietminsk, say hi to uncle Ho for me[:)]
    Scott, sold my Drz..new wheels soon!!!

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