URGENT PARTS NEEDED delivered to Cambodia, Yamaha Nouvo Elegance LC135 AT '11

Discussion in 'Technical' started by davss, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    We are riding these machines around ASIA and they've been excellent. There is a but though - parts not always available although this should change over time.
    Therefore, we are currently stuck in Cambodia with front skewed and rear -8 spokes wheels. If anyone reading this has time is is willing to help (all will be paid) to get parts shipped from Thailand over to Cambodia please contact us on the below details. Our VISAs are due to expire soon so we have to get it sorted ASAP before heading to Laos.

    Rim details:

    Union Cycle
    J16 x 1.60 - 1.6 H
    DOT TH K L

    Union Cycle
    J16 x 1.40 - 1.4
    DOT TH J L

    We'd also need all service oils & filters, possibly new tyres because have a lot of cuts from gravel roads in Cambo.

    Many thanks.

    +855 93286924 (my mobile in Cambodia)
    d---sadowsk (skype nick, just remove three dashes)
    web at davss dot com
  2. After a long and difficult 3 days search we manage to fix our wheel by taking spokes from Yamaha Fino's front wheel that are the same length & fit rear Nouvo Elegance 135LC. Ughhh, this was a real pain let me tell you & a lesson to take some spear spokes next time we go for a bumpy ride in a country where a motorbike model is still to come.

    Now we just have to worry about oils & filters... Anyone coming to Laos between 31st Apr and 28th May & willing to help?

    Cheers, David

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