USB Power Supply SW Motech?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by DavidFL, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I had an cigatertte lighter plug installed in the dasjboard of the Versys, but was not happy with it (not deep enough to hold something).
    So I installed and DMW-lighter-plug on the handle-bar. I did choose not to use the USB as my Garmin then goes in USB-mode. The DMV looks the same like the SW-Motech.
    I am very happy with the DMV, the rubber really seals it off and it hold the charger-plug very well. In this way you could also use it for an electric-air pump or whatever.

    Chang Noi
  2. I've also been looking to fit one and saw a dual unit ??somewhere?? [1 x USB & 1 x lighter socket] as I also use a Garmin GPS. However, I have now checked that the Garmin can be powered from a USB port if you connect via the mounting bracket rather than the mini USB on the Garmin itself. Also, if a lighter socket is used and connected directly to the battery, I think it should be possible to plug in a trickle charger if the bike is not going to be used for a while.


  3. I have fitted them to my Triumph Tiger. You need to connect to a switch live. As there is a constant blue light glowing from it.
    Rubber cap is very good, nice and watertight.

    I suggest buy with confidence.

    I use it to power my Garmin GPS & charge the phone whilst on the go.
  4. Cigarette lighter plug to single and double USB 1 Amp supplies are available from Amorn. The single is about 130B. Obviously not as fancy as the one in the pic or not as waterproof although I daresay they can be modified. Been using one for a few years to a Garmin without any problems but then I probably do not ride the rough roads that David Does!

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