Uttaradit to Nan via The Sirikit Dam.

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    Uttaradit to Nan via 1047-1339-1026.

    I was in Uttaradit, and I was going to Nan, but riding hwy 11 on the KLX wouldn't have been that great, so I decided to to get there going via the Sirikit Dam.

    Found a nice hotel in Uttaradit. Grand Vana Hotel.
    Very clean, great staff, right in town, Air con, wifi and even a gym. 300-400 baht per night.
    If you haven't got a GPS, its almost opposite the huge Seeharaj Hotel. Look out for the Green and Yellow sign.

    GPS N17 36.843 E100 05.439

    uttaraditnan004. uttaraditnan001. uttaraditnan002.

    I took off on hwy 1047 heading east to the 1339 turn off.

    As usual for this time of year, there was plenty of greenery.


    Once at the 1339 turn off, I headed north. I had looked at the map and thought I would soon come to a bridge, but there was no bridge, the only way to get across was by ferry.

    The ferry and the Sirikit Dam.

    The Kawasaki waiting for the ferry to return.

    It was a classic old ferry, and the operator was a classic too.

    Unbelievably the ferry was powered by this little canoe, and I got the feeling the young guy driving it, was pretty new to the game.


    We had to stop along the way to pick up some more passengers and there cargo, they lived on this floating house with no road access.
    This is were the lack of boating experience on the part of the young canoe driver became apparent. He missed judged the speed we were going and the ferry ploughed right into the house.
    It was bloody hard to keep a straight face let me tell ya.

    The house we meet with a bang.

    They eventually separated the ferry and the house, and prepared the vessel for boarding.

    The cargo was an old Isuzu that was kept in the house.

    We were soon one our way with a new crew...yes the original driver had been sacked, and now the Isuzu owner with the busted house was in charge.


    A few flouting houses on the way.

    We finally made it to the other were the local wharfies were waiting. They didn't stop laughing while they went about there job. It looked like a nice little community there.

    I paid the 100 baht for the trip and entertainment and was on my way.

    The whole trip (and show) took about 80 minutes.

    This is the road just after you get off the ferry. It goes for about 3kms.

    Then you get to this. WOW...what a road.

    The road only lasts for about 10kms in this state, I think its an amazing ride even on a KLX.

    Its like a race track.

    You soon get to the road works that go for about 4 kms or so, but Im sure it wont belong till its all finished.

    The road after the road works.


    Some nice country side along the way.


    Quick stop for Ma Ma noodles and Coke. The riding diet that keeps you going for hours.

    Going this way from Uttaradit to Nan is a greats days ride IMO.

    Cheers Moto-Rex
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  3. Franz

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    Rex, watering our mouths again ??? Luckily not more than a bump and the sacking of Somchai the expert boatdriver.... :smile1: . This road I need to do, amazing scenery !! Keep them coming !! Rgds, FR
  4. David Learmonth

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    Ferry ride including entertainment & all for 100 baht - excellent value.
    Never been there, but looking at your photos I feel I should! :lol-sign:
  5. dirthonk

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    Great stuff Rex,
    That road certainly looks racetrack like to me, I bet there wasnt much traffic there either to spoil your fun.
    How was the section of road at the southern end of the dam, the 1339, anything decent there??

  6. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Hi Mark, thanks for the tip. Always good to have another option.

    Gday Dirthonk.

    The road south of the dam is showing its age, and falling apart in many sections.

    The first 5kms or so, are dirt, then a fairly twisty and hilly sections before it flattens out as you approach the dam.

    Many small villages and farms along the way make it an interesting ride.

    Cheers Mate.

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