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  1. vietienne-pakxan-cau treo route? hey guys, any advice would be helpful. was wondering which of the previous routes into vietnam you would recommend based on scenery, activities, condition of roads, and ease of border crossing. going to hanoi no matter which route i take so nam xoi would be closer, but probably won't hit the more southern route this trip if i go that way. bike is ok after major pothole. for 100000 kip got new rear brake pads, new bolts and tightened sprocket, shocks filled, front bearings and chain adjusted. riding like a champ now. will be leaving vang vieng tomorrow going north or south, primarily based on your recommendations. thanks in advance.
  2. Hi

    Have a nice trip.
    Regarding scenery a very good road is road # 8 going to nam Phao.
    Enjoy riding


  3. Donnie
    The scenery & riding in the North is generally better than that in the south.
    However the scenery through the limestone forest on Route 8 to Nam Phao / Cau Treo is pretty amazing at the west end. But R13 from Vientiane south is totally boring - only good for speed, which you might enjoy on your NSR150.
    The officials at the Nam Phao / Cau Treo border should be more knowledgeable / efficient than the border officials at either Nam Kahn or Na Meo. Whether this is good or bad I don’t really know, but I’d tend to err on the positive side (hopefully.)
    You need to make your own decisions, which way to go.
    Last but not least, just because your bike is a 150cc & under the 175cc limit does not necessarily mean that you are guaranteed entry into Vietnam, the border officials are so ‘temperamental”. So good luck & please keep the reports coming in. You could be one of the “first” into Vietnam on a small bike.

    Keep The Power On

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