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  1. Nan backyard track - road surface, curves, no traffic, beauty, weather - this is the best I've seen

    It is not on the map but connect Wiang Sa (hw 1243) to Nam Muap (hw1162) in Nan province

    All you speed demons go check it out, you won't regret

    Follow this link -

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  2. Sukie, awsome !!!!! Hey sorry guys Tony, Peter & Co, need to go to Nan again soon, when is someone free to do this ???? I might be free soon as some chances are coming up and will definetely spend some quality time in Nan but go twice with both FJR & SRX, hurry up !!!! Cheers, Franz
  3. Sukie
    Nice one alright. I don't doubt you guys had a great time riding in Nan at the start of the year. And what a way to start off 2010. Congratulations.
  4. Sukie, a great video! I ride R1243/1162 (Huai Phai - Salli - Wiang Sa ) in last may. I have a same feeling, this is the best road I've seen in northern Thailand. A awesome road!
  5. Very nice! :mrgreen:

    Is this it?

    Headed up to Nan on Friday for the Biker Festival- normally just blast up the 11 to Phitsanulok and the 101 to Nan but will have to see how best to modify our itinerary so that we can hit these roads.

    Hope to see many of you in Nan this weekend!

    Happy Trails!

  6. TonyBkk wrote:
    TonyBkk, same same.. :wink:




    Happy Curves!
  7. Yeah, I went back and forth on that route about 5 times laughing my ass off, couldn't believe the surface quality and lack of traffic, would have to take the 1098 back the next time.

    Tony - I dont believe that's it on your map. You get to Wiang Sa first and continue on the 1243, just a little out of town there's a sign on your left which I believe say Nam Muap, you turn there. You cross a bride and shorty after your on the Nan Circuit. On the way back to BKK I took the 1083 then 1047 (almost all the way to Phitsanulok) which was amazing. However, will take you a lot longer than the 101 - a lot of curves and some off-roading.

    Dave - i ran into a Nan Senator while in Bo Kluea and she wanted me to help out with tourism in Nan - maybe a Music/Bike Fest, just thinking out loud
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    Here's the elevation profile of R1243

    Return to Nan & back to the future?

    And a map & quote from 18 Jun 2006....

    The music - bike festival(s) for Nan is a good idea. They should have a couple of events strung together (1) in Pua & a couple in Nan after day rides.
    According to my local contact the one going on this weekend is the first? combined music-bike festival & is not without it's internal conflicts trying to get the package right. How well it pans out we wont know until the day, but even if it is only half successful it should only be good for Nan & the future.
  9. David, would love to help with any ''biking in Nan'' related activities. Also good if GTR gets involved when requests by MP were already done to Sukie. Helps both, Nan in creating additional revenue and this from people who really have some funds, helps us in getting our ''favourite biking area'' set up. Opportunities also for privies such as restaurants other than Somtam, pubs, proper accomodation catering us bikers and maybe finally somewhere where you can get swimming gear and bread rolls other than the 'toast' that shrieks once you sit on it..... :D , cheers, Franz
  10. As part of the (slowly) growing network of GT Riders websites, http://www.Nan-Thailand.info has recently been ramped up to provide some additional Nan Province information.

    The plan is to expand this (and other sites in the network) to include a series of recommended, detailed day / multi-day tours within the province.
  11. Bump for Dutch Mike.

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