Vehicle Roadworthy Certificate (Tor Ror Or) Inspection Centre Chiang Mai?

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  1. Hi all, please can someone point me in the right direction to a vehicle inspection centre/garage to get my TorRorOr...... all my bikes are over 5 years old so it's a visit I will be making regularly! I'm coming from Maejo so any centres in the "top half" of the city preferred.

    For those who don't know..... any bike over 5 years (car: 7 yrs) has to get a TorRorOr certificate before you can get your annual road tax...... and therefore take your bike legally on the road. The centres display a sign with a yellow cog on a blue circle.

  2. Thanks for that David..... however I do believe the Land Transport Office only issues the tax certificate after an independent test centre/garage has issued the Tor Ror Or...... unless the one in Chiang Mai has a test centre in the vicinity? Have you personally had an older vehicle checked here and then had the tax issued?
  3. I get my 10 yr old car inspected and taxed at the same office near Chiang Saen. Takes a day to get the tax "disc". They never bother checking my bikes, just rub the frame number and job done. I do recall though when I lived in Pattaya, they said one year I should get indicators on my '59 Thunderbird. Nobody ever asked up here though.
  4. Hi Ian..... yep, same for me in Pattaya on that H-D cafe racer I had...... indicators and mirrors required! But still passed the bike after I said I'd get it sorted pronto!
    So quite possibly they do an inspection at the Land Transport Office in CM as per Davids post? I'll have to take a ride out & ask 'em.
  5. Yes indeed I do have great personal experience there after owning my Africa Twin for 15 years; and yes I can vouch for a vehicle test inspection centre right next door across the soi.
  6. Perfect! Many thanks David. :D
  7. Like doing many other bureaucratic things... life is easier when out of the cities and away from areas of higher farang concentration......
    It was over 12 years ago now, but I do recall a test place near the tax office in Pattaya out on the highway north of the city.
    No tests since then though, up here in Chiang Saen. No questions about loud exhausts, or lack of mirrors / indicators either.
  8. Found the test centre today exactly where David told me ( Thank you sir! :D ), just past the Esso garage. Had the certificate inside 15 minutes, rode an extra 50 meters down the road to the Land Transport Office which is on the same side of the road as the test centre....... your left coming from Narawat bridge and just after the lights. They've got a drive through where they process your paperwork and give you your annual tax.... all inside 2 minutes!
    For those who don't know, this is the sign to look out for:

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