Versys Evaporative Emmission Control Removal.

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    Has anyone removed the evaporative emmission control from the versys?
    This is under the black plastic cover on the left hand side of the bike, mounted my SW Motec bars and not happy with the fit as part of the canister under the cover is in the way, and also would like to mount my Stebel horn here, seems this emmission control is only for Thailand, i remember talking to some old Guy from Chang mai at the Khon Kean bike week who said he was going to do the modification.

  2. I've removed these emission control devices from all my Kawasaki's-

    On the Versys I keep my puncture kit and air pump under the cover where the charcoal and evap cannisters used to live :)

    Ride On!

  3. I do not think that I am that old, but may have been feeling a little ragged around the edges that day

    Removed right after Khon Khen and it looks a lot cleaner without it
  4. Hi Tony
    Yes that sounds a better idea, to use the space for pump etc, what did you actually remove seems to be a spiders web of pipes?
  5. Did you need to close off any open holes/pipes/whatever? Any performance improvement?
    I remember taking all the pump/hose crap off my CA model XR650L and plugging a couple of openings.
    The bike ran much better, smoother, had to shift less; before the "operation" I had trouble running it in the right gear, the power band was severly limited, narrow.
    When it comes to trade/import of bikes, TH is living in the seventies; when it comes to emissions, they're "futuristic"...
  6. Sorry Hog Head when i mean old man i mean people older than me, just a yorkshire thing, but seems to apply to 99% of motorcyclists i meet in Thailand but no offence, but nice to see you still are a party animal.
    Any chance on some of the pipes and things you removed

  7. My friend took the emission canister out from his KLX and plugged the vacuum hose that came from the airbox and pulled new hoses from the tank overflow and tank breathing connector to underneath the bike. Easy mod, saves you about 1kg from the bike weight and it looks better.

    BUT, BUT, the end result is that now his bike is using 0.5 to 1 liter more gasoline per tank than my KLX. We drive together the same route and distance, I fill 5liters on the pump, he fills 5.5 - 6 liters. Before the modification we used the same amount. The extra fuel actually drains out from the bike. Especially off road it seems the gas is splashing a lot in the tank and end up to the overflow & breathing pipes. Especially if you fall over, you better pick up the bike fast as the gas is leaking. Normally the emission canister will collect the gas and return the gas to the tank when the engine is running.

    With KLX this is an issue as the tank is small and sometimes you need all the range it can give. Also the puddle of gasoline under the bike after he fills the tank is a fire hazard.

    I guess there is a better way to remove the canister as for instance the KLX is sold in Indonesia and Japan come without the emission canister? I think just plugging the overflow & breathing pipes won't work as the tank might collect over pressure?

    By looking at the design of the emission canister, I think it has no effect to the engine performance as long as there is no leak in the vacuum pipes, so I will not remove mine before figuring out the correct way to do it.
  8. Yes i always wonder if there are any adverse effects, but it does look like a boil on the side of the bike, so going to remove today. Done some fuel consumption tests now before i take it off, so will see the effects after my 4500km trip around the north.

  9. Any feed back on removing the boil?

    What needs plugging when it is removed?


  10. The evaporative system has two main parts: separator and the canister. In case of my friends KLX (see my earlier post in this thread), he put the separator back and pulled the hose normally connected to the canister to underneath the bike. This seems to work better, no more visible leakage. Head to head comparison with my KLX with standard setup will be done during next main trip end of April.

    Attached is the diagram of the KLX system, so now my friend just took out part number 4 & 2 (plus the protection plate), plugged the airbox hole and replaced hose number 5 with longer one.

    Attached files 266646=2178-060320111804.
  11. Just to confirm that in KLX the modification I describe in my previous post (31.3.) seems to work. Just remove the canister and leave the separator there. No more fuel leak and the fuel consumpition of standard set up and bike without the canister is the same (which is not the case if you remove the separator as you can see from my 30.1. post).

    So this is for KLX, not sure what is the case in Versys.
  12. see my post today regarding the next phase after one removes the boil
    "No cost ER/Versys engine mods"

    You can remove this boil and all the related hoses with no issues, other than perhaps incurring the wrath of kawi's warranty department
  13. In the unlikely event you need to make a warranty claim simply re-install the parts before you take the bike in. It's a 2 minute job :)
  14. I can't seem to find the aforementioned post. Could you provide a link?

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