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  1. How about starting a listing of locally made parts for the Versys.
  2. Wonder why this does not show under new posts?

    In any case are there any responses?

    How about Tony BKK's crash bars?
  3. To be truthfull most quality part can only be found overseas at present of the 20 parts i have fitted to my V the only part that has sh+t its self is the only Thai part the rear hugger.
    Most other countries have had the V for many years and most accessories have been covered already, the only thing we will get here are the cheap copies as tooling is not a cheap item, and the V not a massive selling bike like the Honda Wave. Have copies here of the MotoWerks rear suspension lowering bracket @ 2000 bart and the handle bar riser @ 1200 bart, but look cheap with all the machining marks and not even anodized, just seen the copy SW Motec engine bars my friend has had fit to his new V in Udon, not the same as my oridginal SW ones, if i get chance will remove one and weight it as looks tinny and sound tinny, but for show sure look the same.


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