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  1. The Versys is a good bike and to make it a great bike, one needs to address the ways that Kawi's accountants chose to save money. One of these areas is the sliding style front brake calipers rather than a 4 piston design. Tim has made a bracket to fit Nissin conventional 4 piston calipers to his ER but I am going one step further and fitting 4 piston radial calipers.

    I am aware of a supplier in Taiwan selling Versys brackets for radial calipers but not the ABS model.
    Anyone know of an off the shelf bracket before I go and reinvent the wheel?

    I have wasted 2 months with local specialty parts suppliers who work with some BKK CNC machine shop, in an attempt to get a suitable bracket to mount radial calipers to my Versys. They supposedly have a design that works but the 2 sets supplied are wrong in several ways and rather than struggle any further to help them get it right, I have decided to design one myself.

    My design is to fit Tokico radial calipers with a standard 108mm bolt pattern - this is used by several caliper manufacturers. These came on a lot of Kawi models including the 636 ZX6R's and the ZX-10's. Loads are available on Ebay and even locally as the ZX-10 is made here. I paid 40 USD for a pair on Fleabay plus a rebuild kit and powdercoating by Richco in Chiangmai

    Best to pair it with a Nissin radial MC from the same bikes, or Brembo if you are feeling flush. A new Nissin is available from Kawi, and the 6700 B 2012 model looks like the Versys model but radial and larger bore.
    I used a 09 version as I found a new one on Fleabay for 115.00

    CNC shops have an economy of scale so rather than make just a pair for myself, it will be only incrementally more expensive to make several sets. I know a really good CNC shop that can do the work given the right design. I anticipate a cost for the bracket at around 3500 B if I have several sets made
    Anyone interested?
  2. I find the stock calipers with upgraded pads more than adequate for my needs. On road, off road, track days, no complaints. Best of luck!
  3. The stock system is adequate, and with EBC HH pads and SS lines, is a lot better.
    The issue is, can it be made better if not constrained by cost issues.

    There is no question that the stock sliding caliper design is inferior to a modern 4 piston caliper, and there is a very good reason why high end bikes employ 4 piston radial calipers. Note that no high end or performance bikes employ the Versys style of sliding caliper.
    There is also no question that feedback through the lever and better overall progressive control can be improved with better calipers and MC.
    In racing classes where brake upgrades are allowed, you will see it being done along the lines I propose, abiet with "better" calipers and a Brembo adjustable ratio MC.

    This is not a commercial venture, and a hobby for me so I do not give a toss if anyone gets on board.
    To those that are happy with the stock system, then buy some HH pads and be happy
    I for one, am not satisfied with mediocrity, and if someone wants better brakes and brakes with more feel then let me know.

    BTW, the caliper has nothing to do with the ABS system and is only a "squeezer" Your ABS system will work just as before the mod
  4. Hi Robert
    Also remember if your going the whole way with this to have steel braided lines made up as they don't swell like the standard rubber lines and they are also on the high end bikes as this really helps with braking.
    I have put steel braided lines on many of my standard bikes to up the brakes and this is a great help this also may be enough for you if you cannot go through with the other.
    Gold sintered pads are also better than HH -- EBC make gold sintered these you wont get a lot of life out of if you are a heavy breaker but they are really good.

    You may as well go the whole Hog if you go through with this.
    Hope this is also some help to you.

    Dave :cool:
  5. I am a believer in SS brake lines and used to make my own in Canada.

    The Westfield agent in Pattaya is also the HEL agent and I am getting him to make custom SS lines.
    While HEL make a kit for the ABS Versys, I want to come out of the ABS pump and then tee under the triple tree, running to each caliper rather than the stock over the fender arrangement.

    Never tried the gold pads, been using HH exclusively lately, and already bought F&R for this upgrade
  6. I have been thinking a bit more about the conventional approach of using an adapter bracket to mount radial calipers, and am now not convinced that this is a good idea.

    The design advantage of a radial caliper, is that it is far more rigid than a conventional caliper design and not subject to the extreme twisting forces under extreme load. By simply using a bracket to come off the conventional mounting lugs, you do not have this radial design advantage. What you do have is a really cool looking caliper, better feel and more power. You also have a less than rigid mounting bracket, more weight, and perhaps not as safe

    If you are coming off the stock lugs, then you may as well go with a conventional caliper and a simple bracket like Tim has on his ER6

    I spent the day modeling the bracket and it soon became apparent that it is not a lot more work nor cost to make a new lower fork leg with an integral radial caliper mount. More aluminium but as an inverted fork the lower leg is short, about the same design time, and a little more time in the CNC.
    Uber cool, much safer, lighter, and with all the radial advantages
    This is what I am now doing

    Speak up if you want in on it
  7. Now that is Cool Robert! Can't wait to see it! At the Start of Your Explanation I was going to suggest getting a New Front end but as I read further it all made sense. Do You use another Bike as a sample to Model off or just make up Your own from Scratch?
  8. Yes Robert
    That sounds good and I do agree with you all the way the brakes are not up to par.
    I have headed for the jungle a few times as I have gone wide on a corner and have been only lucky to stop in time.
    On the Aprilia Shiver I ride the brakes are out of this world its like hitting a brick wall when you shove those anchors on.
    I am so looking forward to seeing your project finished.
    I hope you may have it done for the Toy run next Friday as I want to see all the updates you have done.

  9. A CNC measurement table is a cool tool.
    You place the part on the granite surface and a precision tool picks up all the dimensions and translates this into a 3D CAD drawing. Fork leg, wheel with rotor, and caliper
    Solid Works then lets you "assemble' the parts in 3D and rotate the views to check all clearances. Once modeled the machining program is generated and the CNC machines go to work and whittle the part from a solid block of aluminium

    No chance of having this for the next ToyRide event June 8

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