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  1. Hello guies,

    I would like to do a mod on my versys seat:
    - Raise the front a little bit to avoid the sliding effect towards the front
    - Make it more confortable as after 1 or 2 hours on it, my butt is already crying for help!

    Looking over the internet I could see that there are mainly 3 methods:
    1/ Simply remove some foam from under the seat to get rid of the pressure points
    2/ Remove some foam from the top and add some other foam to make it fit to you
    3/ Make small holes on the foam...

    What is your experience and what would you recommend?

    Does anyone know a good saddle shop to do the job in Bangkok?

    Thanks ;)

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  2. Hi,

    There are plenty of shops around BKK that can modify your seat for you..

    Usually you will see the shop with seats and foam hanging from the road side.

    Just ask in your local neighbourhood.. Some one will know a place.

    I had my done in Chiang Mai.. The standard Versys seat pushes you down in to the tank and strangles your balls..
    Gets very uncomfortable on a long ride..

    Now it is a bit flatter and much better.

  3. I too have been thinking that the front needs raised and will give it a try after this upcoming trip.
    This could be done with foam, or raising the bracket
  4. I've found that the stock seats on all the Kawasaki 650's have a down angle that, as Brian noted, tilts you into the tank, which I don't find comfortable at all.

    I use a local seat shop and had them shave just a bit off the rear to flatten out the seats on my ER6n, 650R and Versys and I've been very happy with the results. Amazing what a few milometers can do for your comfort! Really really cheap (300-400 baht) and can go back as many times as needed until it fits just right.

    The shop in the video above was called Toon Sutthisan, but they moved and I don't know where they went. I now use a shop near my home in Wangthonglang. It's located on the north side of Thanon Pracha Uthit (Ramkamhaeng 39) near the intersection of Thep Lila Yaek 11. There are plenty of saddle shops all over Bangkok that do good work.
  5. Thank you guies for your answers and info :thumbup: I will have a look saturday to find a shop around my home.

    If I understand well, and looking at the video, you have shaved off few mm of foam from the top of the seat at the rear to make it flatter and that make the trick... I'll try that and see how it goes for me!

    Ride safe
  6. Hello Guies,

    Just wanted to do a little update about the seat mod I've made. I found a saddle shop close to my home on Ratchadapisek Soi 7 (first left after Robinson on Ratchada), you cannot miss it, it is a small shop with seats hanging outside on the left of the road coming from Ratchada.
    I can recommend you that shop, the guy really knows what he is doing. He did a perfect job on my seat, corrected the slope, shaved some foam from the top and added another type more soft. Then he could not put the original cover back so cut and sewed and new one... It took him about 2h and costs me 900thb but it is like night and day on that seat, so much more confortable, the best mod I've done on the bike.


    Now I need to find a solution for the pillion seat as my wife is complaining that it is really not confortable, what I can understand... I am working on a project of extension for the back seat, will update you when its finished!
  7. Yes Tony it is the shop in Soi Nathong or also called Ratchadapisek soi 7. It is about 50m after Rit on he same side of the road, you can't miss it, it is a small shop with seats hanging outside.

    I want back last week as my wife was complaining about confort of the pillion seat, which I can understand, confort is so important on long rides to be able to enjoy... I prepared a small drawing in my office and ask my secretary to translate my instructions in Thai (correct the slope, add more foam, make it a little larger....) and off I went again.

    Here is what they did:


    They did not touch the front as what they did before is just perfect for me but this time they focused on the pillion seat.

    Here is what the bike look like with it:


    The seat looks a bit unbalanced but I don't care it is much more confirtable and it is what matters for me.

    We went to Kanchanaburi this weekend. My wife was really so happy about the seat, saying that it is 10x more confortable, does not feel the bumps the same way as it has much more buffers and all in all much more confortable for the long rides...

    Keep riding :happy2:
  8. hi guys, would any of you have the exact address of the shop in ratchada soi7 or the telephone number, I have seen there work on a bike at the burapa show the other day and it was outstanding stuff, so I want to get mine done by them as it`s coming away at the back anyway, I have the number for rit motorbike but cant quite pinpoint anything on this shop, I am also trying to find out if I can post them to him to be done with some pics but it`s the old communication probs , many thanks paul
  9. hi, I saw some of the work this guy does at the burapa show it was top quality stuff, now I need to find out how to get my 2 seats to him and get them done , and if he can post back to pattaya, or I do a visit and a day out at chatuchak and pick up later, mmmm, possibility

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