Very interesting Freeware for Triumph owners! TuneECU

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  1. If you own a Triumph (also some Aprilia, KTM) You may be interested in this freeware. I'm a big fan of DIY and this software looks very useful.

    All you need is a OBD2 USB cable (VAG KKL Cable for 409.1 Audi VW Skoda) about $20 on Ebay. More details on TuneECU site...

    The cable


    I'm planning to try it out shortly. There is an updated tune available for my Tiger and I should receive my cable soon.

    Here are the links:

    Some screen shots:




  2. Keep Us posted Trev! I would be interested to see if there is any Improvement?
  3. Will Do. I have the TOR tune now, but I think the Arrow tune would be better suited to my pipe. My throttle is a bit snatchy and I'm hoping to fix this...Most of the triumph factory tunes are available on the site.

    Looks like the software is very similar to the dealer tool. Nice to have the option to do all your own servicing. The only big job would be doing the valves, reasonably easy to check but more complex if you actually need to take out the camshaft(s) and change shims...Workshop manual required!
  4. I have the Full Workshop Manual if You ever need one? I think Triumph Servicing is taking a Step forward in Chiang Mai since the New Triumph Shop opened together with Tu of the Harley Shop? BritBikes are also sending about 4 or 5 Guys to Triumph in the UK to Train on Servicing including Tu Himself and another from up here? So for Big Services I will get them to do it. All the Best.
  5. Thanks for the offer to borrow a manual. Probably won't need it for quite a while though...

    Good to hear the servicing is getting better with the opening of the new Triumph shop. Neom was very poor (to say the least), Cost me a few thousand Baht and a whole morning just to get a tune loaded! At first hey wanted to keep the bike overnight for a 10 minute job?

    I would probably take the bike to the Triumph shop myself if I found any valves out of spec. I'm not brave enough to take out the cams! But I would take the gamble to check myself as most reports I have heard on the forums, no adjustment necessary at first required check.
  6. Well I'm happy to report the software works fine. loaded the updated tune to my bike this morning and running fine so far!


    Only 1 minor panic moment after I finished, the Tiger won't start without the headlight fuse fitted!
  7. Hi Trev,
    I will be interested to know if there is any Improvement over the Standard Triumph Mapping for the Performance Exhaust System which is what I have I think???
  8. Depends on what is loaded now. I'll be out at x-centre tomorrow (with the car) at about 11am if you would like to check? There must be a difference if Triumph have released updated maps for bikes in the same configuration. Only takes a minute to have a look...about 1/2 hour to load a tune and reset. For our bikes there are 4 factory tunes available (with CAT and SAI installed)

    1: Standard exhaust. 20163-old,20407-updated
    2: TOR or Triumph off road tune (aftermarket exhaust). 20164-old,20408-updated
    3: Arrows road legal exhaust. 20287-old, 20375-updated
    4: Arrows race exhaust (no baffles, full power). 20290-old,20378-updated.
  9. Lots of new tunes (mapping) available from Triumph, specific for E10 or up to E25 gasohol !

    Check to see if there is anything for your late model Triumph...Dealer should have these too.

    I will try these for the Tiger 1050 in the next few weeks. Interested to see how they perform.
  10. Retune for Gasohol, somehow I do not think Ian will be needing that one 555
  11. I'm very interested in this too as I have a 2010 Thruxton. Been reading up on it a lot and it definately the way to go. I had the boys at Brit Bike install the aftermarket map after I fitted BC predator pipes. One interesting thing with the FI bikes is if you start it and let it idle for 20 minutes it will do an "adaptation" tune itself which basically adapts to the ambient conditions - worth knowing about and doing. The guys also did this to my bike after loading the map. Right now there isn't a lot of tunes but they are coming all the time and worth keeping an eye on whats available. Right now I have an airbox removal kit and K&N filters waiting to be installed but as yet no specific map for it. If I went ahead and installed them now I would be running lean. The only option is to send the ECU out to a guy "Pieman" who will load a proper dynoed map he has for it. Another good thing about Tune ECU is you can disable your o2 sensors so you can remove them as well as take out your air injection system (on the classics anyway) and reset the check engine light that will come on as a result.

    My problem is I only have a Mac laptop and don't want to drag my desktop pc out to the garage. Any of you chaps willing to help out in the future? (If I find a map I want or when I remove the AI, O2 sensors etc) Beers on me.
  12. If you are near Chiang Mai I can help out. ( Working now but I will be home in a few weeks ) If "Pieman" has TuneECU and a cable he could download and email his tune to you. I assume his bike setup is the same or similar to what you have planned... You can also import power commander files into tuneECU If you can find one for your setup. Cheers!
  13. Thanks trevbart. I want to remove the air injection but will have a check engine light as a result. Maybe you can do a quick connect and disable the AI for me. Real simple and I would love to have a look at the software at the same time. I will probably have to get an old windows laptop from somewhere to use it on or even better have a mac version come out! I will keep searching around for a map suitable for an airbox removal / pod filter set up.

    *Edit* I just saw you can run it on parallels so should be able to load it on my mac after all :)
  14. Well, I went ahead and ordered the cable and plugs to remove the o2 sensors from Triumph Twin Power in the UK. I had already removed the air injection and had an airbox removal kit, k&n filters etc already to go in so once I installed everything I dragged my desktop pc out to the shed, downloaded the map from TTP and uploaded it via tune ecu. It all went well apart from after downloading the map the bike wouldn't start! After shitting myself and fretting for a half hour I put the headlight fuse back in (they recommend you pull this so you don't drain you battery and also have it on a battery tender) and it fired right up! That was a relief I can tell you! Screwing around with an ecu and then getting just a click sound when you go to start it is not nice! I bought the map with the ignition advance included and man, it really goes now. Night and day! It wasn't cheap but am very happy with the results. It really goes like a 900 twin should now!

    here's the set up:

    Attached files 272650=5671-Photo0083.

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