Vespa Px 125 In Thailand

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    Hi Friends,

    Due to a search of confort and easy mobility, I search to acquire in Thailand a VESPA PX 125, knowing VESPA PIAGGIO is well represented in the country. However visiting the VESPA dealer in Hua Hin, I was surprise to learn the VESPA PX is not more distributed in Thailand as it still stands on the VESPA website ???

    Does someone has information about that ?

    The Hua Hin VESPA dealer proposed me the last he had: a VESPA PX "so called limited edition" for 500.000 THB which is a completely crazy price and overpriced when the PX was normally sold at 209.000 THB ???!!!

    Thanks in advance if you have any news on the topic.

    On an other hand, does someone has information about the future of the 2 stroke engine in Thailand ?

    For those who doubt about my rider spirit looking at a "small" VESPA PX 125 today, consider I kept all my big bikes to cruise around the country, no worry.

    Keep On the Power.

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