VFR400 or other faster bike availability

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  1. do u guys know if it is difficult to get a VFr400 or a bandit 400 in chiang mai...are they available often or should i reserve in advance..im sure u guys agree that the honda dream is not a dream for everybody...
  2. Ziggy
    Don't like your chances of renting a VFR400 or a Bandit 400 in Cnx.
    Your best bet will probably be a Honda 400 super four from 1 of the shops on Moon Muang Road.
    Take a look at
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    & then
    2. Chiang Mai rental shop updates Link removed
    for the latest on bike rental shops on Chiang Mai.
    Actually Ya Mc rental on Ratwithi used to have one, but he tends to sell & buy his bikes all the time so it's hard to keep up with what he has.

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