VFR400 or other faster bike availability

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  1. do u guys know if it is difficult to get a VFr400 or a bandit 400 in chiang mai...are they available often or should i reserve in advance..im sure u guys agree that the honda dream is not a dream for everybody...
  2. Ziggy
    Don't like your chances of renting a VFR400 or a Bandit 400 in Cnx.
    Your best bet will probably be a Honda 400 super four from 1 of the shops on Moon Muang Road.
    Take a look at
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    & then
    2. Chiang Mai rental shop updates http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=547
    for the latest on bike rental shops on Chiang Mai.
    Actually Ya Mc rental on Ratwithi used to have one, but he tends to sell & buy his bikes all the time so it's hard to keep up with what he has.

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