Vieng Thong - Muang Hiam Restaurants

Discussion in 'Restaurants - Laos' started by DavidFL, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. The Tontavanh

    A smart spotlessly clean new place. Straight opposite the market

    Loadsa space for groups

    An extensive menu
    not just the pretty wall poster.

    Maybe the best place in town?
    but I'm pretty sure this is a reincarnation of the run down wooden dump that we were "obliged" to use because of convenience & seemingly little else.
    They maybe using the old kitchen, because I was disappointed with my meal & unable to fnish it, despite the "fresh appearance."......So next time I wil be dining at one of the restaurants by the bus station.
  2. Not satisfied withthe best of ViengTong & the Tontanvanh....& in search of some brekky I hit the bus station.

    The "no English name" restaurant

    A fried rice, soup & some coffee

    this was better than the Tontavanh IMHO.
    There are half a doxen restaurants at the bus station & I see a lot of mini buses pull up here for food.
    They dont stop in town atthe Tontavanh from what I can gather.
    Please yourself & if you find a good one please post here.

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