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  1. As luck would have it, the rear brake master cylinder on my Bajaj Pulsar 200NS finally gave up. It was previously binding (once, so bad, my rear wheel locked up and rear brake was smoking) and I had it cleaned out TWICE. It now leaked so badly that I experienced a total loss of rear braking. As I'm still some 4,000km away from home, I had to get it replaced. No Bajaj dealership here in Laos, but I found 2 shops that stock motorcycle parts.

    Seng Chiang Spare Parts (GPS 17.957123, 102.62267) was recommended to me by the KTM dealership who refused to sell me the (possibly) equivalent part from the Duke 200. Their company's policy is to sell KTM parts to KTM bikes only. I didn't manage to visit them.

    Another unknown-name m/c parts shop (GPS 17.95767, 102.62379) was recommended to me by an English-language teacher I incidentally met over lunch. Although they didn't have the exact part I needed, they somehow managed to find something somewhat equivalent, made some modifications, and eventually fixed it on. 150,000kips poorer, I now have a resurrected rear brake.

    For anyone who happen to be in Vientiane and might just need to source for motorcycle parts.
  2. Yes! I saw that thread, and the first thing i did when I arruved Vientiane was to head to Fuark Motocross (with all my luggage in tow). The guys there did the 2nd cleaning of the master cylinder, and the leak started the very next day. I'm not pointing fingers, as I knew my master cylinder was a ticking time bomb. But that being a Sunday, Fuark was closed and I ended up going to the above-mentioned shop to get my rear brakes sorted. i was happy I did, as I had planned to leave for Thakhek the morning the next day (today).

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