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    There are a considerable number of festivals staged in Vietnam each year..........the problem is to find out when & where. The issue can be complicated further as the festivals are staged in accordance with the Vietnam (Chinese) lunar calendar & so fluctuate from year to year. The information here applies to 2012 only.

    Readers are urged, therefore, to reconfirm details & dates for events they may consider attending. Dates supplied here relate to the 'western' calendar.

    With the considerable help of Hang at Flamingo Travel in Hanoi I have formulated a list of the better known festivals & celebrations with a brief note explaining each festival.

    I trust that anyone participating in a festival by virtue of this post will furnish a report whereby this list can be added to & refined for the benefit of all.

    Hmong Spring Festival.
    Held at various venues throughout the mountains of Lai Chau, Lao Cai & Ha Giang provinces with offerings for a good harvest.

    Co Lao Festival.
    At An Duong Vuong Temple in Dong Anh. A large & colourful procession involving 7 communes to celebrate King An Duong Vuong

    Yen Tu Festival
    (for 3 months).
    130km N of Hanoi (14km N of Uong Bi). A pilgrimage in a wonderfully scenic setting worshipping the Sakyamuni Buddah.

    Lim Festival.
    At Lim, Tien Du, Bach Ninh; east of Hanoi. Festival to honour the patriarchs of Quan Ho singing.

    Huong Pagoda Festival.
    At Huong Son, 60km s/w of Hanoi. A major festival celebrating the sakyamuni Buddah, Avalokitesvara & the Holy Mothers.

    Qua Son Temple Festival.
    Boi Son, Do Luong, Nghe An. Worshipping ceremony involving Dragon Boat racing.

    Xen Muong Festival.
    Muong Than, Than Uyen, Lai Chau. Buffalo offering & folk dancing.

    Ban Flower Festival of the Thai.
    Held throughout much of February the festival, praying for good crops & happiness, is celebrated around Dien Bien Province.

    (6/2-10/3 - Huong Pagoda Festival. At Huong Son, 60km s/w of Hanoi. See details above).

    Festival of the Perfume Pagoda
    (3 months).
    65km SW of Hanoi at My Duc. Huge ceremony is a spectacular setting known as Buddah's heaven.

    Thay Pagoda Festival.
    32km W of Hanoi at Ha Thay. (Water Puppets).

    Dak Lek Elephant Race Festival.
    Held mid to late March in Buon Don Village, west of Buon Ma Thuot in Dak Lek province by the Mnong people famous for their skills with elephants praying for a good harvest.
    (See details in:

    Khau Vai Love Market.
    Legendary market where hill-tribes people would trade their husbands & wives.

    Do Son Buffalo Fighting.
    Hai Phong City. Famous buffalo fighting gathering.

    Full-Moon Party.
    The chance to see lanterns launched.

    Keo Pagoda Festival.
    At Thai Binh. Boat racing & dancing celebrating the monk Khong Lo.

    Oc Bom Bok Festival .
    Massive gathering in Soc Trang to witness long-boat racing.
    (See: ).
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  2. A couple of festivals to be considered by those travelling in the areas concerned over April:

    APRIL 7th-15th inclusive
    Hue Festival.

    Held every 2 years, its Vietnam's biggest cultural event - a huge festival of art, theatre, music, dance......many staged within the Citadel.
    Fantastic event, if you can find accommodation.
    (See: )

    APRIL 29th & 30th
    Da Nang Firework Festival.
    A massive event involving competing teams from invited countries - this year France, Italy, Canada, China - who will join with Vietnam in a magical display of light & sound over the scenic Han River with the city of Da Nang as a backdrop.
  3. Its great information for the travel who like to held festival of Vietnam, these type of festival help to boost tourism and vacation for the family trip. It present culture, show real picture, earn foreign exchange and boundaries are become meaning less.
  4. Anyone touring or looking to tour through Vietnam in early September should strongly consider participating in the Do Son Buffalo Fighting in Hai Phong city.

    Its an easy trip out from Hanoi & can be combined with a visit to the unbelievably beautiful Ha Long Bay.
  5. My latest advice concerning upcoming Festivals is as follows:


    This popular festival will apparently be held on 24th September, 2012 (not 4th September as previously recorded in this post).

    My advice - hire a bike from Flamingo Travel; their staff will assist you concerning dates, accommodation, festival entry & so on.
    Tie in the festival with a trip to the absolutely spectacular wonder of the world that is Ha Long Bay.


    See Hoi An at its colourful best during a Full-Moon Festival.

    Fortcoming dates for those travelling in the area:

    (For more information on Hoi An, see: )


    A traditional festival long associated with the Khmer people, the event takes place on a 60m wide & 170m long track flanked by high earth ramparts for spectators. 38 pairs of oxen who have earned the right to race via a series of competitions during the year participate.

    Hire a bike at Flamingo Travel & seek their assistance for pointing you in the right direction.

    Dates are 14-16 October, 2012.


    This event is definitely set to take place on 27 & 28 November, 2012.

    Do not miss this one!
    (See: )
  6. The Vietnamese Government is taking very seriously the fact that 2014 is the International Year of Tourism & has earmarked a number of major events, 45 in all, for special attention to ensure 2014 is an unforgettable experience for those travelling in the area at the time.

    I will update information directly on relevant posts covering key or outstanding festivals in the hope that it will assist those planning to ride in wonderful Vietnam in 2014.

    (A bump for Flamingo or VietHorse if they could update the list of festivals appearing at the beginning of this post).

    Happy Christmas to all.
  7. Don't be put off that the original thread was drafted for events falling in 2012. Vietnam festivals traditionally follow the lunar calendar & the festivals recorded will fall thereabouts for the dates listed here. If you are riding in the area in the month/s concerned, do a little research, find the current festival dates & you will not be disappointed.

    The Khau Vai Love Market will run for 3 days this year - 24-26 April, 2014. If you are in the stunningly & I mean STUNNINGLY beautiful area of Meo Vac up along the border with China in the most northern part of Vietnam here's your chance to see a 'market' that has been running for over 100 years where hilltribes traditionally changed their partners, traded or exchanged their spouses. It makes for a fascinating part of history in the area you are travelling.

    And don't forget to take your new bride out for a run along the absolutely gob-smaking Meo Vac run, truly one of the world's most spectacular scenic routes.
  8. Though I've not officially confirmed the date the Do Son Buffalo Fights should be held on 6th September. A great event for anyone in the Hanoi/Halong Bay areas during the coming week.

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