Vietnam - Planning 8-10 day northern vietnam trip. Few questions

Discussion in 'Vietnam Trip Planning' started by bilson, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. But why you guys do that? It cant be fun :?
  2. You're probably right. Your forthcoming trip report from should be a beauty. Bring it on.
  3. Good luck, whatever it should be a great trip. Take lots of photos.
  4. For us it is fun, we love driving and for me most boring time is when we have to stop for food.. (Vietnamese love to eat so one hour to eat is nothing to them :/ )
    but Vietnamese can't make any plans! As our plans have changed once again!! Now we leave Monday instead of Sunday as we need to wait some girl who rides pink monster and it looks like now we ride Hanoi -> Ha Tinh (5 more bikes will join us) and then continue towards Hue, next day Da Nang. After that your guess is good as mine.
  5. Right. This is it. My wife got knocked off her bike just over 2 weeks ago in a hit and run, and has just started walking again, and I got 'gout' 4 days ago, which affects my left big toe - meaning changing gear is painful. We're therefore both limping around and in need of a nice trip to take our minds of the reality of staying at home in Hanoi. Panhou Village here we come. If we do it in 6 hours on my CB1100 I'll be chuffed. Be sticking to the big Lao Cai road for this first, long, stage; and hoping we are even allowed on that road since I beieve it's cars and trucks only.

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