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  1. Helge was in Chiang Mai last night, and is on the road heading south today. R106 at the moment.
  2. Hi David,

    I just dropped Helge an e-mail. Be nice to grab a beer with him if he is hitting Bangkok. I am taking my HP2 down to Singapore in the next week or so as I think my LR Tank should be there next week. Did you manage to get any better insights into Vietnam???


  3. Never saw Helge or spoke to him. Just a short email.
    You get the distinct impression these guys are on a mission & don't need local input, or maybe they think they have what they need already.
    If you've followed their route & log, these guys don't have time to scratch themselves, so nailing them for a beer & biker friendly chat is probably not on their list of priorities.
    But I don't doubt they will come up a superb DVD of the trip & attract heaps of paying customers.

    Check out their travel journal - entering Vietnam did not work out very well. Delayed 2 or 3 days & undoubtedly very costly.
    Then entering Laos, the border crosing they used did not have Laos visa on arrival, so they had to wait again while visas came from Hanoi. They also used a Nelles map for Laos, which wouldn't help you find your way out of a wet paper bag.
    It all goes to make a good story & great adventure ride.
    Good on them!

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