Vietnam to Laos through Na Meo

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    Firstly, Sorry to post this here but I've read through all the posts but they are a little outdated and not specific to my question. So...

    There are 2 of us about to head for Laos tomorrow from Hanoi on 2 Minsks which we bought in Vietnam. They are both Vietnamese registered bikes, we have all the paper work but the problem is the bikes are not registered in our names.

    So any advice on this or is the crossing really a 50/50 chance, depending on the mood of the officials and if they need to buy a family member a wedding present?!

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. Minskallero

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    ok, all sorted. We arrived in Laos this morning. The only thing I was asked for, which I dont have, is a drivers license. Easy to smile my way out of it though.

    So Na Meo is certainly an easy crossing, for us anyway :D
  4. scot harper

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    Minskers hey guys more info on the trip!! Hanoi to sapa leg, border crossing info, heaps of pics as well...

  5. phlegm2

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    you were lucky to get through 'cos I know some people who were turned back going vietnam->laos at Laobao/dansavanh crossing.

    They were riding vietnamese registered 125cc scooters and had the vietnamese ownership/registration papers too.
  6. DavidFL

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    Anything more to contribute please?
  7. jbsf6

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    wondering if anyone else has crossed at Na Meo successfully??? any advice/suggestions?

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