Vietnam to Laos to Thailand (one way)


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Jan 6, 2009
I'm trying to buy a bike in Hanoi and take it into Lao and Thailand, selling it in Bangkok, and was wondering if anyone has updated advice/suggestions as how to go about doing this.

Exactly what documents do I need, does it have to be registered in my name (and if so, how can I do this if I'm on a tourist visa), do I need an international drivers lisence as well as a Vietnamese one, insurance, export papers, etc?

What borders are the best to cross at (as far as ease)?

I've checked all of the posts on this site, but most are pretty old and I was hoping for some up-to-date info.

Also, if anyone has recomendations as to where to buy a non-Minsk bike in Hanoi (i've tried this site, and some of the shops around town, but have found mostly Minsks or overpriced dirt bikes)

Thanks for the help!!!

scot harper

Nov 14, 2004
Hi jb, I was in hanoi last week and Coung at coungs M/cyles still seems to be the best informed option.
He's a straight up guy, knows his product and other G,T Riders have used him...See Matt Wards post.
Coung has reconded Minsks there, they will take the punishement,
at worst you'll get a dose of "Monkey but" the red and the swelling go's down after a few thai masarges :lol: and some "Mekong".
Keep us all posted, and send the pics along as well.



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Mar 27, 2009

I will be in same situation as jbsf6 in few days.
Me and my girlfriend we are on our 2 years RTW trip and now we are planing to buy two Honda Dream 125 in Vietnam Ho Chi Min. Then to go to Laos, Thailand, Malaysia. We have both international driving license, valid passports and all visas. We plan about 60 days to do that.

So please if you can answer to the following questions:

1. Is it possible to register a new motorbike on your name if you are foreigner?

2. How long registration process can take?

3. What Vietnam/Laos border crossing is easiest to pass?

4. What documents we need to cross from Vietnam to Laos?

5. What documents we need from Laos customs to get to Thailand?



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Aug 14, 2009
i am also planning a very similar trip. i have been searching for information on this topic and havent found a difinative answer. I have found a lot of hear say and assumptions and i wont waste your time with them.
1. size of bike seems to matter under 175cc.
2. you need a vietnamese and loa dirivers licence but they are too hard and time consuming to get so carry bribe money or dont stop.

as you can see im not very helpfull. if anyone has done this trip (even those that posted earlier) any information would be great! :lol: