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  1. VietHorse

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    Welcome to this food thread - All Vietnamese food - or food made in Vietnam. :D
    Feel free to smell, look or taste. :cool:


    I will try to collect the food photos taken by me or some of my friends.
    Guys, join me with your Vietnamese food photos and comments!!
    Eat safe! :p
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  3. VietHorse

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    Traditional Vietnamese white rice. Normally, a Vietnamese uses two or three bowls of rice for lunch and dinner:

    Cá cơm kho khô - I don't really know how to translate into English, but to make this, use small fishes, put some salt, sugar, some fish sauce, some onion and some more water with color maker (from sugar), put all in to a closed pot, cook until all water evaporated and the fishes are left dry. This is to eat with white rice. Really nice. Need nothing more:


    And here is a special dish of Vietnam. I think it started from some where middle of Vietnam for the King. Then now every part of Vietnam has their own type.
    Common name is Spring Roll (Gỏi cuốn).
    Cooked pork, shrimp, some pickles, onion leaf, noodle, vegetable.... all rolled inside the rice cover. Used with special sauce.



    (do you like some more?)
  4. DavidFL

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    Bring it on................

    the food in Vietnam is fantastic.:thumbup:
  5. Rod Page

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    GREAT post VH; really good thinking to put this one up!
  6. VietHorse

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    Home made noodle -"bún bò giò heo" (with beef and pork leg):


    Phở bò: (Beef noodle) - this photo taken by a friend from CaravanViet.com:

  7. VietHorse

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    My wife made these:

    Cá thu sốt cà chua (Codfish with tomato)

    A kind of fish soup (Canh cá), simple make for daily meals:

  8. guichard

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    Watch your weight David!

    How many more kilos did you put upon your trip????
  9. VietHorse

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    This is a special food of Huế (a province in Middle of Vietnam).
    It made from some sort of small mussel, mixing with some peanuts, sesame, onion.... This is to eat with rice crackers (as you see on the left). People not using spool to take the mussel, they use rice crackers to do that:


  10. VietHorse

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    Bánh Tôm Hồ Tây - West Lake Shrimp cakes.
    The special dish beside West lake in Hanoi Vietnam. Made by frying some flour and shrimp. Use with some vegetable and fish sauce.


  11. VietHorse

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    Rice porridge. You can find this for breakfast or some night meals out. Many types of porridge, i.e. fish; pork, frog, crab... porridge.
    Adding some onion leaf, fried onion and pepper... Now, ready to enjoy!!

  12. VietHorse

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    Fried Spring Roll - Nha Trang style (Nem nướng Nha Trang):



    Spicy Frog:

  13. HTWoodson

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    Looks so good!
  14. VietHorse

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    Just miss the lobster at Mui Ne - Phan Thiet:


    and goat meat in Dalat:




    Goat hot-pot in Dalat as well:

  15. VietHorse

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    A country dinner:

  16. VietHorse

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    Wish you all have nice Sunday.
    Let's try "chả cá" - Grilled chopped fish:

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