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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Barney, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    I have been reading the forum with great interest as I will be visiting the area soon for holidays. It will be my first visit to Asia so any guidance will be appreciated.

    Currently we have 3 weeks and will be flying to/from Bangkok. So far this is the only fixed part! I will be travelling with my wife, and our plans are to spend 3 nights in Bangkok (is this too many?), and then get the over night train to Laos where we plan on spending most of our time. Whilst in Laos, possibly in Luang Prabang, via Vientiane, I want to hire a bike and do a solo ride for maybe 4 days on a mini tour of the northern area, whilst my wife stays at a hotel (She doesn't share my passion for motorbike touring and prefers a few more home comforts). After this, we are wondering if we should head south to Muang Khong area, or over to Hanoi in Vietnam from which we could get a flight back to Bangkok for our return flight.

    We may have to reverse this itinerary as it appears that it is easier to start in Vietnam and cross into Laos due to visa requirements rather than Laos to Vietnam.

    I am experienced in adventure touring on motorbike, in such places as Morocco and have offroad experience as I compete in UK rallies. My hope is to hire a Honda XR250 type bike,

    I don't know if the above ideas or good or not, so would like to hear your suggestions and advice.

  2. Welcome to the forum Barney.

    Three days in Bangkok is ok, it’s a great city, and there’s plenty to see and do for the first time visitor. A good side trip from Bangkok would be to spend a night at Kanchanaburi (bridge over the river kwai) and while down there have a look at the Damnoen Saduak floating market which can be a little touristy but pretty cool to see.

    You can do some good loops, and, out and back rides from Luang Prabang. Not sure if theres trail bikes for hire there or not.
    If you choose to go down to Muang Khong you can also hire a bikes in Pakxe.

    Best advice I was given, was not to rush, if you try to see everything, you end up seeing nothing.

  3. Welcome Barney.

    As Rex said.. Plenty to do in Bangkok for three days..
    A bunch of us GT-Riders have been long time residents of BKK.. Can assure you lots to do and see.

    Just ignore the tuk tuks with the free or 20 baht tours of Bangkok.. they will take you to jewellery shops.
    Also the Grand Palace is closed scam.. Use your common sense and you will be fine. No different to home really ;-)

    If you want to ride up to Luang Prabang from VTE.. Check out Fuark..

    He is the main guy to go to in VTE for bikes..
    If you rent in Luang Prabang.. It will be a Honda Wave or China Copy bike..

    As Rex said.. there are bikes for hire at the Lankham hotel in Pakse.

    Take your time and relax.. best bit about riding in Laos in taking it easy, looking at the scenery and interacting with the locals.

  4. Hi Barney,

    I can't help you with the Laos stuff... there are a couple of riders on here who have good Laos experience....

    As for BKK, depending on what you want to do, 3 days is probably a good time... send the missus shopping and go drinking... do a bit of touring... Send me a PM if you want so tourist tips and stuff...

    Make sure you choose a hotel very close to either the Skytrain or Underground...

    Sounds like you are an experienced traveler, so i don't want to give you traveling 101 tips...

  5. Thanks for the replies. That's all useful information and appreciated.

    Whilst I have identified Laos, because it appears to have a lot to offer, we are not stuck on it. So, if with your knowledge you would recommend another area then please do so.

    I have found this bike rental company in Luang Prabang and they have mostly Honda 250cc XR or New Honda CRF-L 250cc or Honda BAJA 250cc models from there website - Anybody know of them?

    I am on onboard with the taking it easy and not trying to see too much at the expense of seeing anything, so this trip will be nice and easy, take it has it comes. The only certainty are the flight times and first few nights hotel so we can find our bearings.

    " choose a hotel very close to either the Skytrain or Underground..." sounds very sensible, and something I wouldn't have guessed - cheers - any suggestions on a mid range hotel, feel free to let me know as we are going to book this in advance, just because we don't want the hassle when we arrive from the long flight.

    Just so I don't feel like Iam only taking :smile1: this was my home movie of Morocco, touring on motorbikes -
  6. Just looking at hotels, and it looks like somewhere around Silom or Sathorn road would be a good area? Just too many to choose from on the usual sites!

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