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Discussion in 'Technical' started by DavidFL, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. A few months back, in the wet season I was researching anti-fog sprays & cleaners for my visor & came across this site

    I ordered a set & have been extremely happy with the products
    1. Sal Clear TTX rain repellant & cleaner
    2. Sal Clear TT anti-mist & cleaner

    Today they sent me an email for a new product
    a high end product designed to solve fogging and misting problems on coated eyewear....the most challenging surfaces.

    I will giving this a go too, because the visor cleaner & anti-fog have been great so far.

    Might be worth checking out for some of you guys with specs, or who suffer from your visor fogging up.
  2. Hi David

    on our trip to CM i realiced that how important anti fog viror is and as i have Nolan N-102 it comes with additional anti-fog visor and man, what different that makes, im so pleased abt it.

    I drove i think my best drive this time, night,extreame cold and tense fog.

    But im one happy camper now, i loved it every km abt it and will return.
  3. how good is the Nolan N-102 as a rain repellent ?
    David seems to have the right product for open face helmet, I guess
  4. Hi Pico

    we drove last october 6hrs in the rain and as all air intakes where closed visibilty was good, i could see cleady as one can see when ride in rain. :shock:

    How ever nolas problem is especially in here that it's getting hot inside when all ventilations are closed. :(
  5. Bump for Jurgen

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