Vstrom 650 2016 20, 000 Kms

Discussion in 'Suzuki Big Bikes Thailand' started by sharpeyes, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Took bike in this morning for a little knocking noise on forks. No problem sir , take a seat in our air conditioned waiting room with free wifi. Sir come and see your bike we found the problem . Lol .Thats service . Just like UK . NOT .........

  2. I heard that some bikes had a problem with a plastic bush (?) in the forks breaking up, but replaced under warranty, according to CP Rental in Chiang Mai.
    Mine is all ok at 43,000 kms, but looking for a new chain & sprocket set soon.

  3. What tyres are you running now - you should be on your second set?
  4. Hola . 20, 000 kms still on original tyres . I would probably replace with same as i have no complaints or issues with them ..I have a trip to Phuket planned in November , will probably be time to replace then .but to be fair they still have plenty of tread on them .
    43 , 000 same sprocket and chain ., hope i get near that , will let you know .
    Will update re forks as soon as i have bike back .Must add that the Ohlins rear shock is superb and transforms bike as do footpeg height reducing kit and handlebar risers .
  5. Oh dear 20,000 kms on the original tyres - open the throttle will ya. I'm running about 15,000 to a set.
  6. Lol. Just cruising boss . I had a weekend with Nick Sanders in wales and its all about the cruise lol .
  7. Shop rang this morning. Have to Order new shocks from Bangkok.At least 1 week.

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