Wanted CB400 Super Four (Vietnam??)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by demons08, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Looking for nice Honda CB400 Super Four 1995-1998 model with papers.

    Reside in Hanoi, so if you know of anyone that has one in Hanoi can you let me know.


  2. Hey demon I dont know about hanoi but i may be able help you in saigon and then take it to hanoi... you can call or meet mr. Toan at kim loan guest house,171 co bac street district 1 saigon and tell him what you want, just tell him the marlboro man sent you and he will know, and if he cant help tell me and i will try to contact some old friends in the ho chi minh M/C club (comm. party members) they have all the big bikes. I guess you know that you officaly you have to be a "member" to have a bike over 175cc but dont worry i know some party members that can help you. I use to ride a vfr 400 in saigon, but because i'm american they had to make me an honorary member goodluck adam ....Marlboro man...aka Dr. john
  3. Hello Doctor John how is the Harley?
  4. The harley is doing well, and after a trip to the salon she looks better than ever (especialy with her knickers down!!!!!)
  5. Dr John...thanks for message. Have been in Hanoi for couple of years and have got contact in order to get membership of 'big bike club' so will have to sort that if I ever find a bike. Not a huge amount on offer unless you have wads of cash or party official, so hence the downscale plans for CB400 SF. Can find ones in varying conditions for btw $3000-$4000, but looking at about $3000 and then do little work on it. Saigon might be an issue as I would really like to look at the bike personally before shelling out the cash, but if I get really stuck I will contact you beforehand or your contact. Would love to buy bike in Thailand or Laos and ride it over, but tax is a killer, still 100% import. The hunt continues. Cheers Adam

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