Wanted: circa 600cc sports-tourer - to buy in Chiang Mai end February

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by leopardracing, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi GT Riders

    Following a quick trip round the Mae Hong Son loop 13 months ago I will be back in CM end February, complete with (over ambitious) plan to ride a loop through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and back to CM.

    So I need to own a fully legal bike with all the paperwork, that is big enough to be comfortable for a tall and rapidly ageing rider, old enough to be affordable, but of course reliable enough to do the miles.

    If you don't have a bike to sell I would be glad of any advice/comments/tips or good jokes!

    (NB: I am in process of getting non-immigrant multi-entry visa which I'm told helps when buying a bike)

    Cheers, Peter. [email protected]
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  3. Fatlad

    Fatlad Ol'Timer

    Hi Peter
    My choice would deffintely be the Kawasaki Versys 650cc, ideal for a tall rider, replace the tyres for the MT60s so you could take some of the none sealed routes.
    Also a easy bike to sell at the end of your tour as there still seems to be a shortage of them here, well the black anyway, but always remember opinions are like arse holes, we all have one.

  4. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi Eric
    Yes the ER600 and the Versys are pretty much the perfect type of bike for the job, I rented an ER600 for my trip round the Mae Hong Son loop a year ago and the twin cyclinder engine was ideal for extra braking into the downhill hairpins and for easy torque dragging you up out of the uphill one's - I even dirt tracked it through some mountain villages when I got horribly lost!
    However I doubt my budget will run to that so will probably be looking at 10+ year old machines.
    CHeers, Peter.
  5. west55

    west55 Member

    Hi Peter, i'm West 55. I own several motorcycles. Wondering if you would be interested in a 1999 Honda Hornet. I recently replaced that bike with the purchase of a Street Triple some time ago.
  6. burntorange

    burntorange Member

    hi Peter, I have an ER6 n, for sale, 9500km 1 year old. (as new) fully serviced . I see you may be looking for an older bike,
    if your budget can stretch to 190k .. then come and have a look at mine. needs no money spent on it, and no reliability issues.
  7. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi West - sent you a couple of messages over last couple of weeks, not sure if they are getting through?

    Kind regards, Peter.
  8. ravedaddy

    ravedaddy Member

    hi peter, i see youre not buying new but ill mention that i bought my er6n from kawasaki on a 60 day tourist visa and a padi diving licence. "mister, you got diving licence?" "yes miss, here is my 'diving' licence" and my proof of address is still a hole in the ground. (i think theyre glad of the dollars these days):D cheers RD
  9. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Nice one! Like your style.

    For what it's worth I've got a "International Licence" to go with my UK licence.

    Do you know anything about riding a Thai registered bike throrugh Vietnam?

    Cheers, Peter.
  10. ravedaddy

    ravedaddy Member

    hi peter,some of the guys in the club are currently trapsing round immigration and the traffic office in chonburi and being given the run around about getting a bike 'passport' to travel to vietnam. you dont need 1 for cambodia but its a reall ballache to go into vietnam (or get the bike back out) on a thai registered bike. im sure other readers will have more information on this but from what ive heard already,its hassle. cheers RD
  11. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    what you really need is a (Carnet De passage) for Vietnam ...but they are expensive and thailand does not actually issue them also Vietnam has no formal entry rules for vehicles its a nightmare , all the people I know who ride or drive into vietnam either have a formal tour arranged with guides and arrangments made prehand or have a ''Special Friend ''in Vietnam who has the power to make things happen like a senior general ..
  12. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    HI RD
    Thanks again, that is very useful info as I didn't know there was a relevant office in Chonburi. Maybe the guys who are grinding through the process now will be able to give me some pointers on how it all works, or by the sound of it, doesn't work.
    Anyway I am determined to give it a go and have a fair bit of time to play with as I have given myself 10 weeks to get around the four countries.
  13. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi Monsterman - thanks for the info.
    I'm guessing the Carnet de Passage is something different to what you can get from the Traffic Office in Chonburi, which is perhaps the ITP - International Transport Permit?
    I really don't want a formal tour, it would be preferable to find somewhere safe(?) to stash my bike, bus in to Vietnam and hire a bike there.
    Meanwhile I will ask my friend who has just arrived in Hanoi to take up a teaching post to get friendly with some Generals!
  14. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Thailand isnt a signatory to the CPD system so you cant get one from Thailand. It is possible to get a CPD on a Thai bike but its mildly complex and a little expensive too.

    Tho you can get into Vietnam without a CPD. I have a contact in Vietnam with a friendly border point from Laos, you can enter at that one border but exit at any border after. This was working as of last check anyway. Will be some agents 'fees' to smooth it all tho.
  15. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi Raveddady
    I'm in Chiang Mai at John Nash's guest house, my number is 082 455 0065.

    How did the guys get on obtaining ITP bike passports?

    Cheers, Peter. [email protected]
  16. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi Livin - made to Chiang Mai staying with John Nash.

    I would be intereted to know which border crossing that is and what capacity bike could be got across?

    What kind of fee would be expected - and how do you deal with cops in Thailand when they want to see your papers?

    Cheers, Peter 082 455 0065 [email protected]
  17. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    I have emailed the guy now to see what the border updates are like. Once I hear back (if I hear perhaps) I will update or email you.

    Am curious myself to know exact numbers as I would love to do the sappa routes in the north.
  18. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi Livin
    I noticed your post re the DRZ440 (I think) - some of the bikes I was going to look at have dropped out (sold or dodgy books) and I have been warned off taking a bike like an ER6n to Laos and Cambodia because of road quality.
    Is that bike still on the market - does it have genuine documents/book/plate etc?
    Peter [email protected]
  19. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Forgot some extra contact info:
    I'm in Chiang Mai at John Nash's guest house, my number is 082 455 0065.
  20. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    I would have thought an ER6N would make it on the main road areas...Maybe look to dual sport tyre set up tho.

    I know the 440 is still there, been stored a while so might need a touch of tune but its a very decent machine IMO.

    EDIT :: BTW no response from the border guy yet.
  21. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Well to add a foot note to the above.. After a bunch of confused emails and language issues the guy who used to be able to get a border clearance is saying he cannot currently make it happen. He knows the legal way to do it, requiring permits from the Vietnamese Government etc but the option to be easily 'processed in' seems no longer to have a simple way.

    He said he would email if that changed. If it does I will update.
  22. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Thanks Mate
    Thought it sounded too good to be true that someone would suddenly open up Vietnam just in time for me!
    Wll have to rely on my Emma in Hanoi to get chummy with a top politician or General.
    Cheers, Peter.
    082 455 065
  23. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Vietnam dont know what a CPD is either .

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