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  1. Looking to buy a Honda XR400 middle of February. Can go anywhere in Thailand but prefer Chiang Mai. I do need all papers so I can cross borders.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Try ST Motorcycle hire in Chiang Rai.
    They had one for sale a couple of weeks ago.
    See below
  3. Check out this bike in Hua Hin -


    At first it looks like a SUPER deal, only 11 months old, super clean aso but then you can see the changes they've made. The wheels are okay with me, but also the radiator shroud where there is no radiator and a black engine? I don't think they come that way, so why would you paint it? The owner said he bought it with 1000km on the clock, true?!
    It may still be a good deal since it has papers...
  4. Which year did they come out with a black engine? Excuse my ignorance; I have to take back what I said earlier.
  5. You are absolutely right - there is a motard version with a black engine. And a internet search did tell me the answer I was looking for! Looks like the black engine came out in 2006. This is a great site to check on different years and models:
  6. Nice looking bike and like Happy Feet says, a good price, especially with USD forks, electric start and pukka rego. FYI, I paid 150,000 18 months ago for a 10,000km XR400 without plates - 2001 model.

    I thought Honda stopped producing the XR400 in 2002 but interestingly, I was talking with a fellow GT-rider the other day who had one of these late model XR400s in Cambodia and he said that they were a lot different to the "original" XR4 - less power, heavier e.t.c. I dunno about that 1st hand but a magic button would definitely be handy in some situations!

    I am guessing that Honda no longer produce the "Enduro" XR4 but are jumping on the SM bandwagon and producing a road only version from parts they have lying around (i.e XR250 rolling chassis & cases + XR4 top ends). Anyone know?


  7. Yep, this bike looks like a good deal, I'm going to check it out this afternoon. I've been looking for an older XR400 which I could turn into a super motard, so this one is just right.
    The owner said he paid 240K a year ago incl rego for 70K (!) baht.
    Saw some Kawasaki Tracker 250s in okay condition for 120K THB - without papers! No thank you.
  8. Went up 200km to check out the bike. Bike looked clean, ran fine. I said I'll take it, let's see the papers. He handed me a green book that looked like it was 20 years old. On the cover were several crossed out license plate numbers, and a big red stamp in thai I couldn't read. First page said Honda, 250cc, year 2536. The owner was #5, and on that page it said 400cc. In the back of the book was a stamp which stated that there was a new engine in the bike; numbers matched with the new 397cc engine. The frame numbers matched, too, and looked good.
    I told the owner I wouldn't buy it because I don't know if it would be possible to get it transferred into my name. He'd be gone by then, never to return. I could ride the bike leaving the paperwork the way it is, but what if I ever wanted to sell it? No thanks.
    I told him to mention to the other guy who is coming down from BKK next day that the bike has a recycled book; would just be fair. It's a good price, maybe he'll buy it anyway.
    Does anybody have any experience with reregistering a bike with a recycled book?
  9. Just wondering, does anyone here know if the XR250 (2006) can take an XR400 engine without problem? Are both, frames and other parameters identical? Thanks guys.
  10. Karl, just my personal opinion: once the enginechange is properly registered into the green book, no troubles at all for the new owner. Suitability of frame seems not important as you can see every day with older cars. What I would recommend if you buy a grey-book-bike, get some Thai friend in your registration district to bring you to the reg-office and help you do the talking and paperwork. Usually you will need the transfer forms from the registration office in the district where it is currently registered, copies of the ID card or passport of the current owner and copies of the houseregistration papers of the owner, take at least 3 sets each in case you experience some problems or mistakes. Of course there's no guarantee at all that all will go smooth. Check first not only if the frame and engine number matches the typed numbers in the book but also the "carboncopies" which are stored in the current registration files. Again have some friend do this. "Carboncopies" are taken every time you transfer a registration from one district to another. They use a sticky tape which is put over but VIN and EIN, with a pencil the original number is then copied onto the tape. This tape usually is then put onto the registration forms and kept for reference. For example if you transfer a bike from Chiang Mai to Chonburi, once you've done the paperwork, vehicle reg. office in Chonburi will countercheck with registration office in CNX if the "carboncopies" match. Confusing, but that's the way it is. Good luck, FR
  11. I have to laugh at the way some people are so scared of re-cycled green books.... afterall Thai bikers have been using this system for many years, due to the rip off prices of registering imported bikes and getting a new green book.AS franz states there would be no problem at all with the book. The Xr 400 in question is a great deal and in my opinion well below the true market value of such a bike. :roll:
  12. rich, how do you know this "grey" book will be no problem when you want to transfer it to another name? How do you know that the frame and engine numbers are really in the computer? Have you ever transferred a grey bike in your name? I think someone knew someone at the Department of Motor Vehicles, slid him a few thousand baht and got a few stamps in an old book. Legal is something else, and I won't risk my money. When I looked at the worn book I knew there's something fishy here, and I don't want to be the one who gets told that this bike cannot be transferred because it's obviously not a legal book.
    I stopped by CP Bikes in Hua Hin yesterday and the XR400 is still for sale. Maybe the other buyer(s) felt the same I did...
  13. I have transferred many bikes into my name and my company name over a 7 year period, also re-selling them to other people. Never once has any problem occured, this also goes for taxing the bikes on a yearly basis. As the saying goes "when in Rome do as the Romans do". 8)
  14. Are recycled green books what we farangs feel all warm and fuzzy about? No. Have they been much of a problem as of yet in Thailand? No.

    Is this a guarentee that they will forever be no problem? Who knows.

    If you want to play over here you have two choices:
    1. Get a recycled book and take your chances like everyone else over here.
    2. Get a proper legit book, pay your 80,000 - 90,000, then wait for up to one year to receive the book.

    Pick your poison. I can tell you one thing...there will not be too many XR400's over here that have legit plates and books. I have yet to see one with a legit book. However they are becoming a bit more common as time goes on. They have just surpassed hens teeth I believe in terms of the number of legit plated enduro bikes.

    Best of luck.

    If you want to see a XR400 2006 model with a legal book I have one. I am the first and only owner of the bike. I bought it from Joe's shop in Pattaya and he seems to have the right connections at the moment for registering. I only waited 2 months for the plate and book.

    Then on the other hand I am not totally sure about whether the money I paid ended up in the States Coffins or the money was split between the officers at the verification center where the book was made???

    At least my book is "more legal" than a recycled book.


    Ps. Go and have a look at Scott's maybe a little emotional reply under the sticky "Recommended Pattaya Bike Shops" This will give you a good insight into the problems getting books.
  16. Hi Hiko,
    Can you post a Picture of your XR and how much did it cost If you don't mind me asking? Will be in Pattaya on Thursday for the weekend A few of us are meeting up down there if you want to join us? We are staying in Jomtien. My Mobile is 086-2727215.
  17. be careful of recycled books on Chantaburi plates ..they are a real problem as several hundred books were stolen from chantaburi vehicle registration centre.. if u try to sell a bike with one of these books u will be in fcor big trouble.
  18. But I just read on the other XR400 thread that recycled books are absolutely no problem...
  19. KZ if u are in CM or Issan they seem ok but in BKK or Pattaya they are potential timebombs when u try to sell .
  20. HI IAN.

    I think paid 240.000 for the bike with book. The Bike looked (and still looks) like new and it had a few thousand km in the meter. I will post a picture when I have time. I'm just preparing for a big Party at my home on Thursday and my house is full of Thai relatives.

    For sure I would like to meet You at Jomtien in the weekend and I will give you a call. Why You all don't drop in at my house (a few km from Jomtien) for the party on Thursday. It starts at 7 a'clock morning and continuous through the day and most Falangs will start to drop in after six a'clock evening. Rhiekel promised to come and test my new Sauna and there will come quite a lot of other bikers.

    My house is in Chatleaw Village 9 house nr 18/408. It is just left after Pattaya Klang when you come from Bangkok. Turn left between two red townhouse (one house 7/11 the other Mityon motor bike shop) about 200m after the big Ferrari shop. Go over the railway and continue 400 m until you have a 7/11 on your left hand. Go left up a hill street in bad condition and when you see Cafe Dao turn left after it and drive just strait and in the end of the street you will see my house (and motorcycles). Free Food&Drinks. The GPS coordinates are N 12o 55. 660' E 100o 54o 371' You can come anytime in the day and no dress code!!! My telephone nr is 089-2500635.


    Why is the Gasohol thread dead now. I thought people have more opinions. Hopefully I didn't kill it.....
  21. The party is a bonus...but everyone should visit Hiko just to look in his garage. He has more bikes in his garage, of all sizes, than many of the Pattaya bike shops! And, from my one visit to his place, I found Hiko to be one patient and knowledgeable guy.
  22. Hiko .. Gasohol thread is dead but may ressurect as people have more experience with it.
  23. If you want to play over here you have two choices:
    1. Get a recycled book and take your chances like everyone else over here.
    2. Get a proper legit book, pay your 80,000 - 90,000, then wait for up to one year to receive the book.

    BignTall, is it a fact that a proper legal book always costs between 80-90K THB with a one year waiting time? Even for a five year old 250?
    I'm trying to get my VTR250 legal and the local "BIG bike" shop promised me a clean, new book with me as the first owner on page 1 for 50000 THB within a couple of months.
    According to you that would be a recycled book (because cheaper and faster) which could NOT have me as the first owner.
  24. KZ

    I paid 50,000 baht for legal book for XL250 had to wait 2-3 months, but when arrived all okay, and have had no problems at all at Transport Office changing rego over to Phuket

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