Wanted - Rental Bike Thief. Beware this guy.

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  1. In the last few weeks 2 rental shop have been hit in Chiang Mai.

    1.Mr Mechanic lost a Kawasaki 650 Ninja
    2. CP lost a Honda CRF 250

    and in Chiang Rai
    3. Chiang Rai Big Bike rentals lost a Honda 500F.

    The culprit



    if anyone sees or knows the whereabouts of the this character please contact
    any of the above rental shops immediately.
  2. we have police on the Belgian embassy. Maybe they can help you.


    Dhr. Eddy Suys – Hoofdcommissaris Federale Politie, Verbindingsofficier
    Dhr. Frank Kerpentier – Assistent Verbindingsofficier

    Tel: +66 (0) 2 108 18 10
    Fax: +66 (0) 2 108 18 11
    E-mail: [email protected]

    I'll will see if I can find in Belgium more information about him
  3. All stolen by the same guy?
    What the hell he is going to do with it? And ... he wants to die?

    Chang Noi
  4. Wow, social media has picked this up and there is now a 100,000 baht price on this guys head. I believe in "Innocent until proven guilty" but if he's still in the country he'd better watch his back!

    Latest development- Belgian embassy says the passport is fake and he is not a Belgian national...
  5. So what's story about this please?
    He rent the bikes and not returning back as committed? Or he just came for a test ride then disappeared with the bike?
  6. Mr Beer in Chiang Mai also lost an ER6.

    VietHorse the guy talks sweet & only leaves a cash deposit for the bike, not the FAKE passport.
    He shows the passport with a Thai entry stamp, leaves a 10,000 baht & rides off with the bike for a supposed trip.
    And never comes back.
    Some of the shops are lucky & have first class insurance - theft coverage - but some are not so lucky & don't have the first class insurance.
    Whatever it is a dirty trick & hopefully he will be picked up by the police,& get his just rewards.

    Chiang Rai Big Bike Rentals now have 100,000 baht reward for the guys capture.
  7. 3 bikes stolen by the same man? That is a business and if so he is not doing it alone.

    Some shops are clever and do have first-class insurance, others follow a different business model and do not have first-class insurance.

    The question is, is it really 1 guy stealing 3 (or more) bikes? If this guy did it with 1 bike he could have an accident also and be somewhere in the jungle now.
    I just saw a body being retrieved from the jungle along route 12 in Nam Nao. If nobody had seen the accident, he/she would have never been found.

    Credit-card verification & deposit is the only way to go for proper rental companies ... and of course full insurance.

    Chang Noi
  8. Good luck with finding the bike thief!

    I have done a little photoshop to see him better.

  9. The word is spread on a Belgian/Thailand forum. Let us hope that someone will recognize him.
  10. Mmmm scamming the Thais

    I hope he gets away

    Or they will kill him
  11. ****in grasses
  12. Having had my prized H-D stolen in Heerlen, Holland on the way back from the Faaker See rally in Austria, there is a lot the hire shop guys can do. The Dutch police weren't too interested but one call to a very good mate of mine who works at ' the factory ' in Milwaukee and a subsequent e-mail from him had my bike details sent to every H-D dealer in Europe just in case someone tried to sell it. long and short, never saw it again. So, get the details off to the Kawasaki dealers. Pictures, engine numbers frame numbers etc. The Honda details will be a bit harder to distribute. Place a notification / ad on Thaivisa and Thaibahtsold listing the bikes as stolen. This guy will probably have moved on from CM and CR region, but where are the bikes ? They must be in a house or shophouse somewhere. Most of the bike shops in CM will know a mate of mine, his name is O. He has been very instrumental in setting up several bike clubs in CM over the past few years. What he doesn't know about bikes, bike shops and bike clubs in CM isn't worth knowing. I can forward any details to him as long as someone forwards info to me. Someone must know or have seen this rat going about his business.
  13. A guy I knew had his V max stolen, here in Thailand. The police didn't do anything besides writing a report and taking photos of the spot where the bike was usually parked. Lucky for him he'd hired an "ex-Army-guy" as a body guard (he's a businessman) who made a few calls and the bike was found next day in a chop shop 30 km away. The shop was deserted when they went to pick it up.

    My stolen CBR150R frame was found when people saw somebody dumping it into the river from a bridge. I went to identify it, had to sit around forever in the police station, and then I was told I could take it home. I asked the cops for the green book which I had to leave with them when they wrote the report. They told me that the bike is registered as stolen at the Transportation Department and that I couldn't simply rebuild the bike and ride it. I have to apply for a new green book!
    I sold the frame as scrap metal for a few baht.
  14. Total shops 5 - Pop also got hit!

    1. 1.Mr Mechanic lost a Kawasaki 650 Ninja
    2. CP lost a Honda CRF 250
    3. Mr Beer ER6
    4. Pop Honda 500F
    and in Chiang Rai
    5. Chiang Rai Big Bike rentals lost a Honda 500F
  15. Thats right, CP lost an ER6 not a CRF.
  16. Hi,everybody,

    I've sent this thred to Tom,Dutch biker married with Ting from Nan Guest house.

    Let's get that bastard.

    Cheers, lung Jacques.
  17. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but do any of the bike hire shops fit tracking devices ? If not, maybe this would be a good idea.....
  18. Might be what does one do if location is know within say 200m? I suppose it is better than nothing but then the cost has to be added to the rental etc..
  19. Don't know about you, but I'd already be in a pick-up with a few of the lads to see if I can recover my bike -- even if it was fully insured.
  20. From what I can understand, it's not so easy to take a vehicle out of Thailand ( but I could be wrong ). I suppose border guards could be bribed, not that this country is a bribe happy place.....is it ? If tracking systems are too costly and not that effective the only answer is comprehensive insurance which includes theft. Here again I wonder what you actually get when you pay your premiums because I've yet to find anyone who can explain what you pay for ( I did once get an English language pamphlet from Virahya insurance, but I'm sure that was a mistake on their part ). The police won't be interested.....but this is not an attitude reserved for Thailand. Brake034 will know what I mean when my Harley was stolen in Heerlen, Holland. They told me by the time I had reported the theft, my bike could have been in any of three countries WITHIN 15 minutes, such is the location of Heerlen. Germany on one side, Belgium on the other. Just as an aside, a friend of mine who's pickup was flooded in a basement carpark in 2011 hired a new Toyota Fortuner, well, less than one year old from Pattaya. On checking the insurance he found that the vehicle ONLY had the government ' porabor ' minimum third party insurance. A great target for the car thief. I only hope the guys who have had their bikes stolen get due recompense.
  21. The same storie nearly 15 years ago. A German guy ( name Robert Fischer ) stole 5 cars in Chiang Mai. He work together with a gang from Bangkok. They sold the cars near Mae Sai to the Wa army. ( Only North Wheel gets 1 car back ) The police in Chiang Mai catch him and he got 9 years in the old Chiang Mai monkey house. But after 1 year his father payed a lot of money to the owners of the stolen cars. He come out of the jail and back to Germany.
  22. I opologies if I offended anyone in the GT mob for my negative comments on this thread

    i believe it was counter productive to put a European in the firing line

    i also don't believe that we should help the Thais in their sense of justice


    I DO Not want blood on my hands ,,,I think the majority of the guys on here are real gentle men

    so please excuse me , I would not like a look a like fe rang to get hurt

    And I do not condone his actions ,there is a lot of unscrupulous motorcycle hire companies out there who will resolve this problem ,without the aid of our community

    once again I did not want to offend

    safe riding guys and enjoy what The Lord has given us

  23. Good news


    Detained in Chiang Rai.

    Got the prick. Lets hope he gets locked away for many years.
  24. ^ That was really good news indeed!
  25. Wow, the moron stuck around in Thailand even after his picture made the local newspapers and was spread all over social media? Not the brightest bulb, is he? Hope he gets put away for a good long while!

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